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The family and friends of Bill Warner are trying to help raise money to help pay off medical bills.

It's been a hard road for my dad lately, and I'm not exactly sure how he is still standing. About 2 years ago after my grandpa died, my dads dad, my dad wasn't feeling well, but was stubborn and didn't go into the hospital 1 year ago instead of right away. He went into the hospital and they ran a bunch of tests. We found out he had prostate cancer 1 year ago. He then started getting depression and anxiety from knowing he had cancer and his only relative close to him passing away. He got the surgery but it didn't change anything for him. For about 5 months he would not leave the house at all, I would run all of his errands. I would get him his medications and run to the store for him and he wouldn't even let me see him in person because he didn't want me to see him like that. I would have to leave the grocery bag on his door and let him know when I dropped his stuff off.

He later lost his job because his depression and anxiety was so bad, he tried to get better but no matter what he could barely move things, and would always need to sit down so he wouldn't black out, and get the shakes. I remember one day when I drove with him to the store he suddenly did a u turn, and said hunny I can't go to the store I feel like I'm going to pass out and I don't want that to happen while you’re in the car. He told me he was sorry for not feeling good enough to go. When I got home I started to cry, seeing him not even be able to drive and go to the store broke my heart. My dad in my eyes was my strong, independent, always determined to work dad. But that was gone. His eyes weren't happy and determined anymore.

We recently learned that his cancer has came back after he had to go to the hospital because his blood pressure was high and he was having a panic attack. When I heard that my heart dropped and I ran out of work to go see him. They are currently running more tests on him to see how bad it is now. My dad has been having bad panic attacks since cause he knows he can't afford all the hospital bills from all the times he has gone there and from all the tests they are taking.

I am asking if you could please help me help my dad, he is very stubborn and I would like to suprise him and have the bills paid of without him knowing, I just want my dad to not worry as much as he is, it tears me apart inside. If you could help in any way it would mean the world to me.
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