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Our puppy, Porter, was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in May 2011. He is only 9 months old and is in need of hip surgery.

My name is Sara Topalian and my husband’s name is Casey Topalian. We have two puppies, Porter and Barley, who are about 7 ½ months old. We adopted them from the Healing Hearts Animal Rescue Foundation in December when they were only 8 weeks old. Since we have adopted them they have been inseparable. The bond they have towards one another is heartwarming and truly a beautiful phenomenon. They do everything together, from just walking somewhere to playing with the same toy. They love one another unconditionally.
As much as they love each other we love them both the same. When we went to adopt, we originally only saw Barley online, and planned to just adopt him. When we got there, we met his five brothers and sisters and fell instantly in love with Porter too. We recently moved to Los Angeles for Casey’s job and thought what a better way to start our family than to adopt two dogs, especially them being brothers. To add to the excitement of our expanding family we found out we were pregnant about three weeks after we adopted. We were and are thrilled.
In early April, we noticed that Porter started limping all of a sudden. Since he was only about 25 weeks old and was just learning to jump on and off the bed, we thought maybe he hurt his leg that way. Worried, we took him to the vet and they thought it was just a sprain, gave us some medicine and told us to keep him off of it for a week. That was a very difficult week for Porter and us. Both Barley and Porter seemed very sad because we had to keep them separated so that they wouldn’t play.
After the week was up his limp only seemed to get worse. Very worried now, we decided to take him to another vet and get a different opinion. The vet decided to do an x-ray and, to our shock, diagnosed him with severe hip dysplasia. We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. It never crossed our mind that something like that could show up in a dog so early on in life. The vet went on to tell us that Porter was going to need surgery as soon as possible due to the severity of his condition. Again, we were shocked to find out how much the different surgeries cost. We are truly just starting out and are barely getting by with our pay. With a baby on the way we knew there is just no way for us to be able to afford this surgery. We were and still are very distraught and saddened by this whole situation. We feel so helpless.
With Porter being so young, we are heartbroken that first, he has to go through all of this and second, we can’t help him. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met and truly enjoys the little things in life, especially his brother. With the pain from the dysplasia getting worse he has become less and less vibrant. We have him on medication to help with the pain but we think he is still in a lot of pain.
We feel that Porter is an excellent candidate for this surgery because he is so young and has so much of his life left to live. We want to make his life happy and filled with as much joy as possible and with your help we can do that. We truly appreciate your consideration and time. We hope that Porter will win your hearts like he did ours.
With the help of Hip Dysplasia Funding organization we will be able to get a portion of the surgery cost. We are still waiting to here back about how much but will need help with the rest of the cost. Any extra money that we raise we will use as a donation for someone else on Give Forward that is in need. Thank you for your help we truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
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