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My last shout out for love, hope, prayers and donations! :)

Okay, so I lied, my last post wasn't my last post. I thought it would be, and then Ari was born. We've all been reading the posts from Erica and Mike and following along, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the good news and positive attitudes about the future ahead. And then, February 16th, 12:58am came along and there he was!

Those pictures of Ari, and Mike, and Erica, they're so heartwarming! Erica looked absolutely beautiful holding her son as if she hadn't endured anything! Just like the doctor said, no big deal, "Did it like a Duggar!" I'm pretty sure you can't get a better analogy or compliment than that!

So now a new journey begins. He's out of the womb and into the world, and he's entered it in fast forward. He's already had surgery, it may be one of many more, and again, Erica and Mike wait. Ari has been handled by more doctors than family members, and he really needs a lot of love and good feelings coming his way!

I talk to my 8th graders a lot about karma. Maybe it's a lost cause on them, because I know as an 8th grader you don't think about how your actions now might catch up with your later, but I still try. I try and tell them to be nice to each other, because if you're the "mean kid" that's how you'll be remembered, because some people never grow out of their school images. I try and tell them to be nice because it just feels good to be nice. Don't do it because you think that you are going to get something out of it, do it because it's the right thing to do.

So, you've all got a few more days to use this great opportunity as a free chance to work on your karma. :) This fundraiser ends on the 28th. Whether you build it through posting thoughts and prayers, (which I'm sure Erica and Mike are keeping track of for a baby book of inspiration and motivation), or send along a donation!!! Do it because it feels good, I promise it will!

Welcome to the world Ari, we are your friends, your family, your supporters, your village. May your beat stay strong and carry on, we all love you!

Baby Schultz is due to arrive February 26th, 2012!! A little perspective...

40 days from now what will you be doing? It will be a Sunday, and more than likely, colder than we want it to be :) If you teach school, like me, you are probably going to be really bummed because this will be the last day of your February break that went WAY too fast! If you are a parent of a school aged child, you are probably going to be praying to Father Time to skip an hour or two and make that Monday morning bus show up even faster and take those little monsters back to school!

960 hours from now, while I'm anticipating seeing those tired faces in my class, and the bus driver is seeing those parents' huge grins and over zealous waves goodbye, Erica and Mike are going to be holding their breath. It's funny right? Getting caught up in the monotony of life, the routine, the schedule, the clock. We all do it. Well, we all do it until something snaps us out of our tunnel vision. Baby Danger blasted through a lot of people's tunnel months ago when we first learned about his existence. And though he may only be seconds old (or so, assuming he arrives on his due date) he will most certainly be Erica and Mike's new tunnel vision.

57,900 minutes from now Erica and Mike are going to be staring at a beautiful baby boy that will more than likely be facing heart surgery within days of being born. While most parents at this point are excited to bring the new bundle of joy home, Erica and Mike will be hunkering down, and making the hospital home until they know for sure Baby Danger is ready to take on the world. And you know what? Not once have they complained. Like any human would, I'm sure they have asked, "Why him? Why us?" But I have never once heard a negative thought from them. It's always been, "Well, we are doing the best we can, and meeting the most wonderful people along the way." They are always positive, and always keeping us positive with their uplifting, sports analogy updates! I'm sure they are tired, from research, from appointments, from classes, from still trying to work their jobs(!), but they keep plugging along, with the best attitudes.

3,456,000 seconds from now (yes, I teach math) Erica and Mike are going to be praying to Father Time to slow things down. Give them one last snuggle before he gets swept off to any procedure he may face. He's going to be perfect. He's going to be some angelic combination of Erica and Mike that will be beyond words. He's going to continue to touch our hearts with the story of his, without even knowing he's doing it. And as he grows, he's going to be that walking miracle that reminds us everyday to put things into perspective. Good things come in small packages. I can't think of a more precious package than Baby Danger and his inspiring heart. Breathe easy Erica and Mike, we are all behind you, supporting you, loving you, and sending positive vibes to you and the baby miracle to be.

*****Continue to follow Baby Schultz's journey on Erica and Mike's Blog (link on the upper left of this page), and in the mean time consider making a donation to show your support and to help ease some of the burden. You can also send your thoughts and prayers through this page or theirs!! Much love and thanks!!!!
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