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A deceitful contractor praying on a senior citizen left my grandmother in debt, now she may lose her home, Please Help!!

In 2008 my grandmother started having issues with her electricity within the home. Also with aging came the inability to step into the shower or having harder times getting in and out of bed. Thus she decided that was the year to fix her home, little did she know that it would be the worst mistake of her life. The interviewing of contractors was long, she chose to go the legal route and find a licensed contractor, little good that did. Innocence and being a bit too kind led to her original contractor leaving her with a demolished home and no work done, oh and $200,000 upside down. The man had asked for the money up front and not wanting to burden her grand-daughter, who was out of the state, she went with her own devices and came out losing. Now the house has been completed, mainly incorrectly and I am not able to work. Her birthday just passed and with that a reminder of her husbands death, he had a massive heart attack on her birthday. In those last day's, as if already knowing his end was near he begged her never to place the house in jeopardy as it was the only thing she had. Sadly, his pleading did not stop what has now occurred and she does run the risk of possibly losing her home because of another's perfidious acts. My grandmother is the strongest woman I know; regardless of what has occurred within her life she is always kind, generous and ready to shelter and feed all and any who need it. She has dealt with the death of her husband, on such a celebratory day and also her daughter, whom died on Christmas Eve; killing the chance of ever celebrating those holidays again. She is not one to ask for help and thus I am seeking this help on behalf of her. Although the full amount is well beyond 200,000 sticking to the integrity my grandmother has taught me I could not ask for help on the additional funds which were required to finish the home. The mortgage stands at 260,000, sixty of which was used to rebuild the demolished home that the contractor left. Please help my grandmother in keeping some dignity for her golden years, at seventy-eight she deserves some kindness of her own.
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