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Desperate parents are raising money to fund life-changing surgery for their 3 children who suffer from daily pain caused by scoliosis.

Following is the cause recommended and being supported by Life Is Beautiful campaign. We are on behalf of the family to raise fund for their daughters' surgery. They have been dedicated $1,000 by far by Vietnamese people and really need your contribution to have operations for all the 3 children.

Living in Phu Yen, a southern province of Vietnam, Do Thanh Thuong was overjoyed when his wife became pregnant with their first child. But the happiness turned to worry a few months after their little daughter, Do Tran Nhan was born, when she started to show symptoms of scoliosis. When his wife became pregnant their second child, Do Thu Dong, the couple hoped that this child would not suffer like Nhan. But their hopes were crushed when Nhan also showed symptoms of scoliosis. Do Thanh Thuong and his wife tried hard to cure their children. Mr. Thuong and his wife desired to have a healthy baby so they decided to give birth to a third child in 2009. Although the third child was born healthily, they could not help worrying about the illness that affected the two other siblings. Unfortunately, recently when Hoa, the third child, tried to crawl, her spine began to display signs of scoliosis.

Mr. Thuong took his two eldest daughters to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for treatment. The doctor had them wear splints, but this treatment did not improve their condition much and the cost of the splints was very expensive. “I could not put up with seeing my babies crying in pain every night. Whenever it gets cold and they cry, my hearts suffers; I love my babies so much and I am powerless to help them. It would be better if I could live with the pain instead of them” Mrs. Truong Thi Diem, the girl’s mother shared in tears.

Recently, Dr. Jackques Samami, a specialist in spinal conditions from Lions Hospital in France, was working in Phu Yen General Hospital. He examined Nhan and Dong and advised that their illness could be treated with surgery. However, the surgery costs about 1,500 USD, which is a large amount of money for poor people like Thuong and Diem.

To earn money for the family, Mr.Thuong rents his cow for pulling carts, but often he has to stay at home to take care of his children. Mrs. Diem sells baskets of fish at the market to buy rice and food for the whole family. She earns about 2.5 USD each day, but it is becoming more difficult when Hoa is constantly sick.

The family owes the bank 500 USD – money borrowed to treat their children. They have no money and their children’s illness is getting worse. Mr. Thuong worries about the future “When our children were small their spines just buckled a little, as they got older their spines buckle more. I am so scared. I heard people say that if the children do not have the surgery soon, the spine can suppress the heart, press and crush it against the chest, causing them difficulty in breathing.”
When talking about his children’s education, Mr. Thuong cannot hide his pride “In spite of being weak, our children study very hard. When seeing their pain, I told them to stay at home but they cried and persuaded me to allow them to go to school. My wife and I did not have the chance to study much, thus we cannot teach them anymore. They like to study together by themselves.” Mr. Thuong gives a rare smile, one of few during his conversation with us.
Too young to understand the pain of their parents, Dong and Nhan say innocently: “We wish that we would have no sickness, to be able to help mommy and daddy, and to learn well. We wish to be doctors and to treat others friends with the same sickness”.
Every word of the children cuts close to their parents hearts. Mrs. Diem, her voice quiet, asks them “Why are your dreams so great? How can we help you?”
Mr.Thuong chokes: “If only I had enough money to pay for treating just one child, I would be willing to go into monastery” Then his voice stops, looking down at his children sitting quietly inside, he bites his lip to prevent tears from falling.
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