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The family and friends of John Moore, of Laurie MO are raising money to help with medical and traveling expenses for a much needed surgery.

John Moore is a native of the Lake of the Ozarks in Mid- Missouri. He has lived on the family farm all of his life.
On a nice sunny day in 1979 John went to work like each day before. Supporting then a wife and 2 young children. He worked building boat docks for a local company by day and hauled gravel by night.
That dreadful day he was walking over a gravel drive slipping on a pebble and crushed 2 of the discs in his lower back. He had surgery, was in traction for several weeks and thus began his life of total disability.
Shortly after the accident his wife left him, and he had to raise the children alone. Had it not been for friends and family then there is no telling how the outcome would have been.
Thru the years, John has struggled with back, arm, and neck pain, some days the pain is enough to disable him from walking, dressing, feeding himself. Each day taking pain meds just to function, never being pain free; in fact the pain has grown stronger and stronger. For over 30 years local doctors would not attempt another surgery due to the extent of damage and the extent of Spinal Degeneration present.
Today John suffers from Spinal Degeneration, Degeneration of the discs, pinched nerves. He has lost 80% of the use in his right leg, dragging it often and falling. He is unable to step up in the bathtub to shower, many days he is unable to put on shoes and socks or take off a shirt. The pain is simply unbearable.
Finally one year ago John found Dr. John O'Toole at Rush Medical Center in Chicago. He made a trip up had the first MRI and seen the doctor the following day. The doctor reveled there was hope and success to be had, and he was sure he could help. Dr. O'Toole done the first surgery in March, an ACDF surgery replacing the discs in his neck and fusing 5 of the 7 vertabrea. The surgery was a great success and helped ith some of the arm pain as well as headaches, dizziness, and some of the falling down.
Dr. O'toole is now ready for the second surgery it will be of L 2,3,4, T 1,2,3 this will be a process of taking out what is left of the discs and vertabrea and replacing with plactic pieces before fusing the area. He will be in the hospital for aproximately 5 days and will be totally unable to do anything for 3 months and very limited for the following 3 months. 
Johh enjoys fishing and frog hunting and appreciates the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail. He is still living on the family farm where he enjoys mushroom hunting, environment control, and helping the neighbors when they need help. For the past 5 years he has been unable to do much of this activity and riding ( especially in the boat or 4 wheeler) is extreamly painful, walking most days is questionable at best. He now spends many days in bed and a good day is spent with Jeff Dunham and Walter.
John makes a modest Social Security check of a little over 700$$. His medical bills will be mostly paid by state insurance however it is estimated he will still owe 8-10,000 dollars. Today John says that he needs to find a Job to earn enough money to pay for the surgery as well as travel expenses and household expenses. The home expenses are around $600 monthly leaving a small amount to pay for expenses. He will go to chicago, and a repeat visit in 6 months at roughly $ 800 depending on his ablility to travel. Chicago is currently a 7 hour drive.
Family and Friends would love to much to raise this money to pay for the surgery, travel, and help with household expenses while he is recovering. We are on a short time frame as we don't want to get in bad weather and the doctor is ready to do it today before more damage is done.
we are working on getting an account sat up at the local bank, if you need paypal please let me know at: and please add DAD in your subject line so I dont accidently delete your message.
If you would like more information you can contact me at 573 789 4818 or emial the address above.
* Johns daughter is currently living with him to help with daily care and meals. His grandson has blown his knee out and will be having surgery soon.
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