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Uniting to protect first amendment rights over the internet, in defense of a blogger who criticized a prostitution ring and wound up sued

I'm currently on the receiving end of a frivolous lawsuit that has been filed against me in the 162nd Judicial Court in Dallas by KCN Infosys, LLC - the owner of the online prostitute review site, Specifically, I'm being sued for blogging opinions and statements that are critical of their website. You can access my blog about at Cause number of the case is DC-12-03985-I You can access public files on the suit at The Dallas Observer ran an article about the lawsuit, which can access at the following link: At first, KCN offered to drop the lawsuit, and withdraw the subpoena served to Google, Inc for my IP address, if I were to comply with their demand to delete the blog at by May 1st. However, on principle alone, I rejected their "offer", even though it would have provided me an easy way out. First and foremost, I believe that what I published to the blog about ECCIE is information that should be shared with the general public. In addition, I also believe that if I had capitulated to KCN's demand, it would have sent the wrong message to KCN that their tactic of harrassing online critics with frivolous lawsuits is effective. Their lawsuit is so full of holes, and in my opinion it was filed in an improper venue to boot. More likely than not, if I had rolled over for them too easily, it would emboldened them to file more frivolous lawsuits against other online critics. This is definitely a free speech issue that I believe is worth fighting. I definitely don't have any interest in settling this case on their terms. In my opinion, I don't think I did anything wrong when I decided to exercise my first amendment rights to blog opinions and statements about the prostitution review website KCN Infosys, LLC is attempting to tread on those rights by filing a frivolous suit for the purpose of uncovering my identity. To help cover my legal costs and fees associated with this court case, I have created this legal defense fund. This court case could turn out to be rather costly, so I certainly will appreciate any help that I can get. KCN's attorney has already bragged that he is 99% confident that he and his client will prevail. Apparently, they are counting on me not being able to afford an attorney. So far, I have been having to defend myself in this case pro se as "john doe", which really isn't the best thing to do. I need competent legal counsel to represent me in this matter. At this critical point in time, I need your donations and support to make that happen.
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