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People raise money for their pet b/c they love them.This is my first time raising money for a foster pet, Dorian Gray being one of many~

This is Dorian Grays hyperthyroidism medical fund.
I-131 is a definitive treatment for hyperthyroidism and his blood work supports that diagnosis. The doctor recommends that Dorian Gray get stabilized on methimazole prior to I-131 to bring the thyroid levels down in a more controlled fashion and then also allow the doctor to reassess kidney function. Although Dorian's blood kidney values appear normal, a urinalysis has not been included and the blood values could change when the thyroid level returns to normal.
Dorian also still needs to have chest xrays done to make sure there is no heart enlargement or changes in the lungs. The estimate from my local vet varies between $307.00-$697.00. This includes an examination,UA,radiographs,(2 views) blood pressure, & blood chemistry,CBC,T4,Panel.
Then he will be examined by the doctor who will administer the I-131 treatment. This treatment is done by 3 locations in my area. The closest one is called VCA Animal Care Ctr of Sonoma Co. Their cost is $1200.00 plus a consultation of $125.00.

Dorian has soulful eyes that lead you to believe he has seen enough hardship and just wants a cozy lap to nestle in. He makes a kneading motion with his massive paws and drools when he purrs. This 8 yr. old fluffy silky mass of love has much to offer. He will follow me around the house and wants to be part of the action. I can just imagine him in a grassy yard soaking up the sun rays. He is a gentle giant.
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