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Fundraiser to help pay for the cost of Hurley's much needed knee surgery.

Hurley was diagnosed with luxating patellas (kneecaps) in both of her knees when she was only a year old, and it was already at stage 2. The vet told us that she may be in a little pain, but that she would be ok for now. Eventually, when she reached stage 3 or 4 she would be showing more signs of pain and would need surgery.

In Hurley's case, it's a congenital defect, a malformation of the ridges forming the patellar groove....they are not prominent, and a too-shallow groove is created. In a dog with shallow grooves, the patella will luxate (jump out of the groove) sideways, especially toward the inside. Recently, during Hurley's last vet check up, we were told that she has reached stage 3 and will needs surgery to correct this.

Hurley's still running and playing, because nothing can stop the little Hurley girl from having a good time, but afterwards we see her limping cause she is in pain. Uncorrected, her patellar ridges will wear, the groove will become even shallower, and she will become progressively more lame.

The surgery is pretty expensive for us, but we are now saving for it so that she will not have to be in pain anymore. We would like a little help from family and friends, and any little bit will help us out so much! Hopefully we can get her taken care of sooner rather than later.

Thank you!!! :)
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