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I am raising money to help my son pay for his medical expences I am asking every one to please help so that he can have the treatment needed

My son Edward Mokrzycki is in need of financial support to help him make it through this time of medical need, my son has been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD, my son cannot afford the medications prescribed by the doctor to treat this disorder and he would very much like to get it under control. My son is also in need of an ankle operation on his left ankle. These conditions resulted from an accident in that happened on July 3, 1991 while he was riding his bike home from the park, these conditions are pre-existing conditions so his insurance will not cover the cost of the treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder nor will they cover the cost of his ankle operation that he needs. Due to the fact that my ex-husband and Edwards father saw a bit of opportunity to gain off of my sons serious condition back in 1991 it has left Edward to wonder if he will ever be able to see The necessary medical treatment that he so badly needs. I just wish that insurance would cover this but the plain fact is that sense they are pre-existing conditions they will not.

My son is also in need of major and costly dental work, he needs to have all of his top teeth removed and most of his bottom teeth as well and this is really costly and I know that my son Edward cannot afford this financially and with insurance only covering about $1000 a year of dental work it will take many many years before he is able to have all this dental work done, the other thing is that most dentist and oral surgeons want their money all at front in which my son cannot afford to fork out. So as you can imagine his self-esteem is really low because he has never really had nice teeth, Edward has not truly smiled in a few years and I would love to have the opportunity to see my son have a beautiful smile and smile once again this is my wish for him as his mother. I am asking that you please consider donating so that my son can also smile once again the and be that normal human being, when Edward smiles I know what people think people think that my son is a total and complete freak in that is not true.

I wish so dearly that I could indeed be able to help my son financially but the truth is I cannot because I am on Social Security disability so I am on a tight fixed income. I love my son to death and would do anything for my son to see that he is happy in so that my son can gain his self-esteem back it is good take having his ankle operated on so that he is not in constant pain, is going to take being able to treat my sons posttraumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD so that he is not having flashbacks of that day July 3, 1991, and it is also going to take major and costly dental work that no one that I know of can't afford. I feel bad that I cannot help my son with his medical expenses or even help them offset his medical expenses and I would like to be able to help my son so very much, it hurts me deep down inside knowing that I cannot afford to help my son. My sons father would never help our son in 1 million years, my son has try to on many occasions reach out to his father and hopes of having that father son relationship but his father once nothing to do with him. I do not think that my son has talkd to his father in many years and I can guarantee you that he has reached out to his father and his father has taken no interest in him, a lot of times I see my son cry himself to sleep due to the fact that he would love to get to know his father.

Today I am asking everyone who views this to please consider donating so that my son can seek out all the necessary medical treatment that he so desperately needs. I am asking also that you please show compassion when you are considering whether or not to donate and help my son pay for his necessary medical expenses. I would like to thank you all and God bless you all for your time and consideration in this matter. If you do not have a credit card and would like to still be able to donate you may also do that as well by mailing your donation to

Edward Mokrzycki
407 Sandusky Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Thank you and God bless you

Sheryl Mokrzycki
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