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Decent people are sadly rare, and it's sadder when bad luck takes them down. Join Kyle Weiss in getting Zack back on track!

 So, about Zack and I: We've been together for ten years this year, we met in January 2003 when we were both pretty into in the local music scene here in Reno. Talks turned to interests, which turned into sharing these interests as we got to know each other more. We both started our young adult life struggling quite a bit socially, financially, and have had our share of challenges, but we've always had each other, even when things were pretty bleak. I'm not sure what I'd do without him, we're a team.

 This situation is no different. On July 24th this summer, Zack, being the active type, was mountain biking with his brother on the Flume Trail at Lake Tahoe, close to Incline Village, NV. At the end of the ride as they rode back, his brother stopped too quickly for Zack to react, and he ran into him--not going particularly fast, but enough momentum was had going downhill he ended up breaking his arm/wrist and femur just above his knee, both on the right side. His brother called me shortly after.  According to doctors, they were the worst breaks they'd seen in their careers. Three surgeries, eight days of overnight hospital stays, sleeplessness and beeping machines at our side, and all the terrible food we could eat. I hardly left him while there, except to head home and for an hour to get some fresh air.

 Two months later, Zack is on to painful physical therapy, sleepless nights, awful pain medication, and losing his independence due to both injuries happening to both right appendages. I've had to make him food, keep his family positive, and simply be there because it hurts, and know there's little I can do but be strong.

 His first bath after two weeks was an emotional one. As we were getting prepared, he looked at me and said, "Kyle, do you remember when I asked you if I were a cripple, if you'd give me a bath? You said 'yes...'" --and he went into tears as I carefully avoided his casts and bruises. I don't cry much, and I broke down, too. In the past three years, we naturally started approaching life like adults by going to school, working seriously, and for me, starting a business with my father. We thought the tough times were behind us, food was on the table, rent was paid. This incident has put us back to square one, and we'd really like to do this the right way and not have to consider bankruptcy as an option.

We're merely estimating how much a portion of this is going to cost out-of-pocket, but we thought this was a good start, and realistically, we'll be grateful anything by the time this finishes, be it $300 or $3,000.  We want to get a jump on this before this heads to to collections for being overdue.  If you've ever dealt with hospital stays, you probably know how this goes.

Medical bills are our number-one concern, and in this instance, Zack is my priority. Insurance will only cover the six-figure ordeal so far, and we’re unsure if Zack will have a job when he finally recovers, after being out so long.  Thanks to any and all who read this, consider helping us out, and yes, we're certainly the kind that always help in one way or the other and will "give it forward" to someone just like us one day. We'd like to be there sooner rather than later. 

 Times are tough for everyone, and obviously, take care of you and yours first, but if you can help, we'd be grateful.   :)



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