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The family of Yolanda Alford extends this plea to anyone that cares to help us get her the medical attention she needs! Please help us!

This past July my sister, Yolanda Alford went into the hospital for a routine procedure that she has had a million times. Since she was a baby she had a VP shunt that drained fluid from her brain and she was going in for a routine revision...well the Dr. wanted to try some new procedure but they had to wait a few days to get the equipment from another hospital....meanwhile they put my sis in ICU to watch her until they could do the surgery...eventually pressure built up on her brain and it caused her to stop breathing...they weren't really monitoring her so she ended up going without breathing for over 4 minutes and that caused her to go into a coma. She was completely comatose for 2 months...when she finally did become lucid she couldn't see and her legs had drawn up from being in the bed so long. Here it is 9 months later and she still isn't walking and still can't see and she still can't really do anything for herself (bathe, go to the bathroom, etc). She has medicaid and they won't pay for anything that will help her. They would rather just maintain her at her current vegetative state and keep collecting those checks rather than actually do the things that could actually help her. There are many procedures that could help her walk again and help with her vision, but medicaid won't pay and our family cannot afford them. We want our Lu back and we need help! Please help!
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