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Bliss is a 19-year-old UCLA graduate who was diagnosed with a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphatic Cancer

Our amazing baby sister, Bliss, was recently admitted to the hospital with chest pains and massive amounts of swelling to her face and neck. What was anticipated to be allergy-related turned out to be much worse. Fluid was found in her lungs and surrounding her heart, as well as a blood clot near her lungs, and a 10 cm tumor lodged between her heart and ribs. After a procedure to drain the fluid and alleviate pressure to prevent her heart from collapsing, Bliss spent several days in ICU. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, Primary Mediastinal Large B-cell Lymphoma. Due to the proximity of the tumor to her heart, it is inoperable. Her cardiologist and oncologist hope that intensive chemotherapy will eradicate the tumor and prevent it from spreading.

Bliss is the most amazing young woman you could ever meet. She is brilliant, beautiful, talented, vivacious, and full of passion. Throughout high school, she acted in multiple plays, volunteered, and concurrently enrolled in community college classes. After graduating high school a year early, Bliss joined the Scholar’s Program at Glendale Community College, participated in several science programs, and presented her work at research conferences. After just one year at UCLA, Bliss graduated with honors at the age of 19. She had just finished submitting applications to PHD programs across the country when she was hospitalized. Among her many talents, Bliss is a gifted writer, talented actress, and avid powerlifter. She is loved and admired by many and is destined for success.

Bliss has been incredibly brave throughout her entire hospitalization - if she weren’t stuck in bed with tubes and sacks of fluid attached to her, you could easily mistake her for a visitor due to her composure, warmth, and determination to stay positive. She is constantly impressing doctors and nurses and has taken such care to comfort her family and friends, taking little time for herself to cope with this tragic curveball life has thrown her way.

In a cruel twist of fate, Bliss’s unfortunate health complications came to light just weeks after her university provided health insurance expired (upon graduating). As we navigate our way through insurance policies to cover her hospitalization, surgical procedures, and other medical expenses, it is our hope that this fund will finance some of the costs of chemotherapy which will not be otherwise covered, particularly a crucial $5000 injection every 3 weeks. Bliss is expected to go through 8 cycles of chemo in the next 6 months and will require hospitalization during each round.

Any donation amount is deeply and humbly appreciated, as are your prayers, well wishes, and positive vibes. Please feel free to share this page widely amongst friends, family, and coworkers and take pride in knowing you are aiding in the care of a truly incredible young woman. Thank you!

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