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Help with Petey's Vet Bills!

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our page.... many of you know the story of how we got here, but in case you don't, here it is:

Petey was adopted as a 3 month old puppy in 2007 by Jessica and Danny in Las Vegas as a rescue dog. He was a wild man from the start with lots of love and energy. He enjoyed his companionship of his 2 other doggy siblings, Sophia and Eli. He enjoyed running around the tennis courts and playing with doggy friends at the dog park.

As a sweet little ball of fluff, Petey's little life changed when his mommy decided it was time to move to Buffalo, NY taking him and his sister Sophia with her. The hope was that Danny and Eli would follow behind us...

Unfortunately though, Danny, Petey's daddy, was killed in a car crash shortly after Petey had returned back to Buffalo. It was a terrible time for all parties involved, and Petey was very very sad about this accident.

But life went on, and Petey was a happy little man, living with his sister Sophia and his mommy. Mommy eventually met another man, Morgan, and they fell in love and got married...and then had a human baby brother Miles! Miles and Petey are 2 peas in a pod. Miles calls Petey, 'Pete' (too cute).

Life drastically changed for Petey once again when he decided to take a joy run on Thanksgiving of this year, without his mommy or new daddy knowing....When mommy realized Petey was gone (about 20 minutes later), she called all the area police stations to try to find him. She had no idea how he had gotten out, but she was focused on finding him and getting him home.

When she finally got ahold of the Kenmore Police Station, the news was broke to Petey's mommy that he had been hit by a car and was taken to the SPCA as he was very injured. Petey's mommy rushed to the SPCA to find that her poor little baby boy had been very injured- his front leg had been completely severed and needed to be amputated. His hind leg on the same side had been fractured and very much ripped up with multiple lacerations. Petey's mommy was just crushed.

Petey's mommy also found out that the driver who hit Petey had not stopped, and left Petey for dead in the middle of Colvin Ave. Witnesses saw the accident (it was a pick-up truck) but were not able to get a license plate number.

Petey was immediately taken to the Greater Buffalo Emergency Vet to be assessed. The doctors there took great care of Petey, but did explain that he would certainly need an amputation, along with another possible surgery down the road for his hind leg fracture. This initial estimate was $6000. The choice was given to either euthanize Petey, or operate.

The choice was made to operate. After a much more thorough examination of Petey's injuries while he was under anesthesia, it was great news to know that he had not suffered any internal injuries and all of the injuries he had endured were injuries that he could certainly recover from and live a relatively normal life with.

Petey was able to come home to his family the following Sunday, however Petey would still require a significant amount of follow up care and potentially more surgeries down the line.

Petey's mommy and daddy know that the decision to operate was definitely the right decision, however, the financial burden of these vet bills could ruin their financial stability with all else that is going on at home with baby Miles....
So with that being said any donations you are willing to offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

The support from Petey's friends and family has been overwhelming...we thank you all so much for the words of encouragement and kindness on a daily basis.

The Greene family
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