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We are a charity group specializing in donating to the cancer patient in need of financial help. We are the only group that donates directly to the patient. 100% of our donations will go to the cause.

There are NO specific donor sites set up mainly for ovarian cancer patients! It would either go to Research, which goes to pharmasuetical companies, who already get federal and government grants for studies. Or it goes to medical centers. Where the medical treatment centers are great, they only pay for so much. And only if you qualify. And that doesnt cover all the bills just doctor care, or treatment. What about everything else!? Or the money will go to facilities to spread awareness about the disease. And some people dont even have that benefit! SO thats where we come in. We are raising money for the patients who are in need the most of the funding. We will try to help out as many woman as we can toward the cause, so we will need to constantly get donations to help them! I have a friend whom was in the same position, luckily, someone donated money for her treatment, but not before she got to see how difficult it is to raise a family with children, and go through chemotherapy, without health insurance, nor live in a big city to have treatment facilities. So she went without treatment for a long time! She was a strong woman who is also taking part of this fundraiser. If not for a doner, she knows she wouldnt be here today. She beat all the statistics, she was 24, and had 2 kids, and was pretty much healthy throughout her youth. Most woman who get ovarian cancer, are over 40, menopausal, have no kids, or is hereditary. She got it though. We dont know why. but we know that no other woman should have to go through so much stress on top of trying to beat a disease that could potentially kill them. SO we want to make as stressless as possible! Help out, save a life, donate!

-The donations go directly to patients who prove they have ovarian cancer, who have no health insurance, or are very far behind on bills because of the cancer. The donation can be used for treatment, surgery,chemotherapy,radiation, house hold bills, car payments, daycare, food, past medical bills for the cancer treatment.


* This is a legitimate group with 14 volunteers to help, and more signing up everyday.  We have all verification to prove that we have given to women before, and will continue. We will NOT keep any of the money donated and are doing this to better the lives of women with ovarian and gynecological cancers and to give us peace of mind, to feel better by giving back to the community. We will continue to receive donations from caring individuals who are self less and care about helping others. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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