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The family of J. Paul Stewart are asking for your well wishes and support in helping us with the funeral expenses for our family members.

In 1983, my two sisters and brother lost both of parents the same morning. Our mother had killed our father. She would later be declared mentally ill and incompetent and serve about 5 years in prisons and mental hospitals. The four of us were all we had and it would be putting it mildly to say it wasn't easy having four kids trying to raise one another. I was 11, my sisters were 13 and 17, my brother 15. We stood by each other for many many years, very amazing times - very scary times - and many many sad times. We had promised to take care of one another no matter what - we were the 4 Musketeers. Then times changes, we grew up, traveled down some bright and gloomy paths - and we lost our collective way with each other - we essentially abandoned each other. What we all forgot was that we were supposed to be there for another - after all we had gone through - we were not supposed to forget - Family First. But we did. My oldest sister, Renee, my best friend and essentially the one who raised me, passed away this past year at only 43. My sister, while 6 years older than me, was my inseperable twin. We shared the same room together, she took me everywhere with her and her older friends. She had a heart attack while at home with her then 15 year old son. My sister was a single parent. My mother - then passed away last June - she was in her late 70's. This woman had given us life and taken it away - but we still grieved for her. Because there was a period when we remembered - she once was a great mother and family is always first. We found forgiveness for her and laid her to rest. This past June, 2012, our brother, Paul, passed away at the age of 42. My brother had a long downhill battle with alcoholism and his body could not withstand anymore. My brothers substance abuse dates back to just after our father's murder. My brother just never recovered from losing his hero, his dad. He just buried his pain for over 30 years. I just try to keep thinking that he is now with my dad and my sister, and they are all at peace. My family has endured so much trauma over the past 30 years - I had always hoped that one day we would find peace with each other and remember that we should have been able to forgive one another for the past and find the strength to move forward. My sister that remains with me and I will never have that chance now. We are kindly and genuinely asking for your well wishes and support to help us in recovering from the significant funeral expenses we have had this past year. One funeral in a year is overwhelming - 3 is just too much for anyone. We thank you in advance for whatever kindness you wish to extend to help us.
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