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My whole life I've had broken, ugly teeth.

This year I got a grant for only the cosmetic work but I needed much more. I was in miserable pain daily. I only had a few days to decide to do it before it would be given to someone else. So my parents got loans that they didn't want to as they're trying to save to buy a house.(their first at 67 years old!) now that dream is on hold for my need to have dental work. I'm grateful, tremendously so,but it's not fair. I pay the bill (559/month) but I am struggling. I'm a waitress and tips are my primary income but people are just not going out as much in this economy. Understandably. I just want it paid or my dad may die before having his own house as he has copd and diabetes from agent orange exposure in Vietnam.any penny anyone can spare is amazing. I went this route instead of prostitution because I'm not gross
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