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My name is Gena and I have cancer. I've been reluctant to do this but I NEED financial help. Thank you for your consideration.

HI, my name is Gena.

I'm a positive, outgoing person who has never met a stranger! I love to laugh and be with my friends. I am so grateful and blessed to have some of the most supportive friends on the planet! I am a HUGE animal lover with two dogs, three cats and a rabbit. I am a musician, photographer, animal and environmental activist, CrossFitter and a cancer WARRIOR!  

Here is my cancer story:


On June 12, 2012 (age 36) I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of thyroid cancer called Hurthle Cell Carcinoma. I quickly learned that there was not an effective treatment for Hurthle Cell and oncologists in my area didn’t even try to treat it, so I found myself at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They work with patients with rare and aggressive cancer and, besides one other oncologist in New York, that was my only option. Travel to New York was out of the question for me, and since M.D. Anderson is in my home state I sought treatment there. My husband and I have traveled the roundtrip 10 hour drive more times than I can even recall at this point.


I do have, and have had, private health insurance and have been using that, BUT my insurance is over $700 a month. My deductible is $2,500 with $4,500 out of pocket. My insurance covers 85% and leaves me with 15% to pay for myself. Sounds great in theory, but when you have as many “ologists’” as I have acquired at this point, and all of the old bills pile up as I am accruing new ones…Drowning! Cancer debt and continuing medical needs are just eating us alive. My parents help me so much and I know it has been a huge financial strain on them as well.


We had a T-shirt drive but some people found the shirts “offensive” and did not buy them. Many people asked if I had a fundraiser page, but I did not. I thought the T-shirt drive would be all the help I would need. So naive of me. This was at the beginning of my diagnosis and I had NO idea exactly how invasive my cancer was going to be in all aspects of my life. The shirts covered a couple trips worth of gas and it was so appreciated by us, but now the tanks are empty and it’s not just gas that we need.


Our cars need repairs so that I can keep getting to Houston to deal with what some of my friends have deemed my “unicorn cancer”. There are THOUSANDS of dollars in medical debt and thousands more to come until they come up with a cure for this cancer.


It’s hard to even make ends meet monthly with rent, utilities, food and gas. Let’s not forget about all the prescriptions! I spend several hundred dollars a month (sometimes more) on prescriptions WITH my insurance. God forbid something menial happens that takes money to remedy, because then bills get shuffled around and something always ends up unpaid. We just can NOT get caught up. Any savings we had was gone with my first surgery two years ago. We have been living hand to mouth ever since.


I am in suppression therapy right now and have been for almost 2 years and I have good days and bad days. I have had to cut back on my photography business due to exhaustion and blurred vision from radiation and suppression therapy. I’ve been honest and tried to maintain a sense of humor through all of this but even that tank is running low now.


I have many friends with cancer who have used sites like this, or held auctions/fundraisers. I have always wanted to donate to them, but because of my cancery-ness and all that goes along with it, I have not been able to donate any cash but have always donated my time and photography sessions every chance I have had. I understand that I am not the only person struggling to make it with cancer. Every cancer is different, and every treatment is different, and every person’s ability to function on treatment is different.


I have a friend that owns a CrossFit gym and I have been going for 3 months. I LOVE CROSSFIT! I am there 5 days a week fighting to feel better so that I can be the energetic, positive and productive person I was before cancer invaded my life. I am determined to become the best ME possible and dig myself out of this cancery mountain of continually growing debt.


As much as I hate it, I have to get over myself and ask for financial help.


I NEED your help.


Every dime collected will go to my current, past and future medical bills and helping me get caught up as much as possible. Car repairs, food, rent, medical insurance, prescriptions and day to day expenses.


Basically, survival.


I am not looking for a free vacation or a jet ski. I have not had a real vacation since my diagnosis. I go on what I call “vacancerations”. That is simply a trip to M.D.Anderson with a stay 45 minutes away in Galveston. That way I can travel to the cancer center, but still feel the sea breeze and hope that the dirty Texas coast does not give my cancer cancer… lol.


I’m just looking to get by with a little help from my friends.  I will ALWAYS continue to pay it forward in any way I can for people or animals in need.


I do not like being a “needer” … But who does?


Thank you to my friends who have talked me into this. It only took two years to break me down and make me comply.


The dollar amount that I need far exceeds the dollar amount that I am posting. I just can’t bring myself to post that number. Cancer is just so expensive. So unbelievably and horribly expensive. I have had friends lose their homes trying to keep afloat to continue their treatments. I fear I am nearing that type of situation.


Your donation will cause a ripple effect of positivity! I give you my word.Thank you for taking the time to read this, and your consideration for donation.


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