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The friends and family of Judy Ellison are uniting together to help her fight kidney cancer.


Great News! As Judy is currently recovering from surgery in China, I have an announcement that fills my heart with happiness. A few very generous donors have come forward and expressed a desire to meet the remaining need for the cost of Judy’s life-saving treatment in China. As a result, we no longer need to continue the fundraiser and it will be fulfilled by the end of the week.

It has been overwhelming to be part of such an outpouring of support for my mother and to have so many wonderful people rally for her in the greatest battle of her life. It is with the sincerest gratitude that I thank everyone for their donations, words of encouragement, and support. The Help Judy Fight Cancer fundraiser lifted her spirits to continue fighting and to pursue the life-saving treatment she needed.

The fundraiser will remain open until Friday April 20th for anyone who would still like to make a contribution or send words of encouragement. Also, the Help Judy Fight Cancer Facebook page will continue and updates concerning her treatment and wellness journey in China will be posted there.

Again, I thank you for your support and the generous donations that were given. Judy is going to fight through this and we are very hopeful that the treatment will be a success.

With the warmest regards,


In 2006, Judy was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and elected to have a kidney removed. It was thought that the surgery was successful and that she would be able to live out a normal life. Unfortunately, in 2009, Judy went in for another routine examination and it was discovered that the cancer returned around the area where the previous kidney had been removed.

Over the course of her life, Judy has given to many people through ministry, volunteerism and counseling. This compassion for helping those with emotional distress compelled her to pursue education where she actualized the dream of becoming a psychologist. As a psychologist, Judy has employed her gift of sensitivity and intuitive spirit to literally help hundreds if not thousands of people around the world; where quite often she offered her services free.

Judy has given so much to so many and has been reluctant to ask for help. However, after the urging of her family, she has agreed to let us put this fundraiser up to help with the medical costs.

<--------[Please "Like" the Help Judy Fight Cancer Facebook page over on the left side. We are providing updates and giving words of encouragement to Judy on this site.]

Judy is a fighter! She has been fighting this cancer with everything she has. She has been doing a combination of conventional cancer treatments at local hospitals, along with nutritional support through eating a healthy diet and dietary supplements.

Unfortunately, cancer is an ongoing battle and is very difficult to cure. Judy has had some growth again in the tumors and needs to get treatment as soon as possible. However, she has exhausted most of her conventional options at hospitals in the United States and is exploring some ground-breaking treatments in China.

China is becoming a global leader in cancer treatment and uses methods that are less invasive, less expensive, and have better outcomes than many of the cost-prohibitive treatments in the US. One of the best options for Judy right now is a procedure called cryosurgery. This surgery is minimally invasive and uses argon gas to freeze cancer through precise injections rather than surgery. In most cases, the cancer growth is completely frozen and destroyed. Along with immunotherapy and other supportive treatment, the expected outcomes are typically much better than those found in the US.

Judy needs our support! Fighting cancer is very expensive and many treatments are not covered by insurance. Even those treatments that are covered by insurance are usually only partially covered, leaving the patient to exhaust all of their life savings to pay for their cancer treatment. Judy has spent her life savings during her fight against cancer and desperately needs your help right now to get a treatment that can help her tremendously. Any amount will help. Also, please tell anyone with a giving heart about this website and Judy's story. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support!

If you want more information about the treatment or the hospital in China, please follow this link. They have an outstanding history of over 5000 successful treatments using cryosurgery.

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