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Help Little Stevie! She is an 11 week old rescue kitten that was adopted and had a tragic accident her first night in her forever home.

July 4th, 2011 I'm very saddened to tell you that Stevie passed away tonight. She crashed at the ER and they did everything they could but they were unable to save her. A Poem for Stevie... And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home? Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul And, as a cat, you know I am most able To decide anything for myself. Are you coming then? asked God. Soon, replied the whiskered angel But I must come slowly For my human friends are troubled For you see, they need me, quite certainly. But don't they understand? asked God That you'll never leave them? That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity? That nothing is created or destroyed? It just is....forever and ever and ever. Eventually they will understand, Replied the glorious cat For I will whisper into their hearts That I am always with them I just am....forever and ever and ever. This was Stevie's story.... Stevie – Our Little Sunshine Girl… Stevie was born around April 15th, 2011. She was born to a Momma who only weighed 4.5 pounds along with her EIGHT brothers and sisters. They were all very tiny and very sick when they were rescued by Feline Rescue Association (FRA) ( when they were about 7 days old. They all had Upper Respiratory Infections and eye infections along with being underweight and in dire need of just the basics, food, water, shelter and love. Stevie and 2 of her siblings were bottle fed to help their Momma. She could not support all of her children and needed to be taken care of too. She was just a baby herself. I am a volunteer foster mom for Feline Rescue Association (FRA) and fostered her from 2-10 weeks old. She was under my care and ultimately FRA supported her recovery. At 2 weeks old, Stevie had severe eye infections in both eyes. She was taken to the vet for treatment. We were told by the vet that the damage was already done...IF she survived being sick and underweight, she would most definitely be blind. We were determined to help her and got a second opinion. The second vet made her a special serum which we put in her eyes every 4-6 hours for 3 weeks. Stevie overcame the odds and was able to see! We weren't sure how much she could see but her eyes became clearer every day. She was definitely following toys with her eyes. I took her to work every day to be bottle fed and that is where her forever momma, Sherrie, fell in love with her. She knew when Stevie was three weeks old that she was a very special girl. She wanted to give her a forever home where she would always be loved and taken care of. On top of that, it would also be a surprise for her son. Stevie continued to gain weight slowly. At 10 weeks old, she only weighed 1 pound 4 ounces. She was the smallest of all of her siblings. She had overcome many obstacles and survived even when others thought she would never make it. Stevie was officially adopted on Tuesday June 22, 2011. I took her to work that day and she charmed everyone she came in contact with. She was strong and confident…fearless. She was adorable…played with her toys and pranced around the office as if she knew how special she was. As if…she definitely knew! That evening, Sherrie took Stevie home. Her 8 year old son did not know that they were adopting Stevie. Sherrie told him that there was an early birthday gift in the living room for him. His eyes lit up – as soon as he saw her, he knew it was Stevie. He had met her several times before since he liked to come and visit and play with my foster cats sometimes. He said, “Momma, Is she really mine?” He was so happy and excited to care for her. She fit in perfectly. She was so happy in her new home. Adam took great care of her and she was part of the family instantly. At 9:30PM, Stevie was sleeping peacefully in bed with Adam. Sherrie checked on them at 10:30 and they were both sound asleep. Adam shares a room with his 11 year old brother who was still up watching a movie. He came in to Sherries room around midnight to tell her that Stevie was not moving and she was bleeding from her nose. In a tragic turn of events Stevie needed to be rushed to the Emergency Room. We are not sure exactly what happened but we think that maybe Michael jumped down from the Bunk bed and accidentally landed on Stevie. She was particularly fragile since she was a preemie baby and since it was the first night, he was not used to looking out for her. She had been in Adams bed but she probably got up to see what he was doing when he came in to the room. This is the only explanation that we could come up with that would explain the traumatic injuries although the vet said it was possible that there was a fall. The injuries were consistent with those of a fall. Journal: Wednesday June 22, 2011 7AM The vet said that she is in a super semi-comotose state. She could slowly get better or she could pass. She was totally unresponsive last night and this morning she said there was a slight improvement but it was very slight. Her pupils are fixed and pinpoint which makes her prognosis go down. There could be brain swelling and as a result she could herniate...they can't tell without an MRI. On top of that, she has a broken jaw that would need to be wired. They can't even begin to address that until and if she becomes stable. She would need to be stable enough for anesthesia to get x-rays. She is on pain meds, fluids and antibiotics. Wednesday 11:00 AM We just called a few minutes ago and the Dr. was less hopeful then earlier this morning. She said that they tube fed her and she resisted which means that she is in some level of pain, even though she is on pain meds. We asked her what to do and she of course couldn't tell us but she did say it would be fair to wait 24-48 hours to see if she can fight it. She said her chances are like 10%. Wednesday 1:31 PM Just called the vet again. They said there are no significant changes. They are concerned now with her body temperature. It had dropped to 96. They have warm bottles around her and are doing what they can. It has increased to 97 but she seems unable to regulate it on her own. They said that this is normally a brain function. They are tube feeding some nutritional supplements. We have to just wait and let nature take its course. Waiting is the hardest part. Thursday June 23, 2011 9:46AM Stevie's prognosis is guarded but it seems like she is really fighting to survive. She is being taken off the oxygen today. As soon as she is stable, she can be moved to a regular vet. She is taking her food via tube feeding but taking it well. She is urinating with stimulation. If she gets through this, she will need a suture for the jaw repair...not to be wired. She is holding her head up this morning but her third eyelids are up so hard to see her eyes. Keep up the prayers....I think they are working! (I am cautiously optimistic) Friday June 24, 2011 10:18AM Last night, the vet called and gave Sherrie some good news. They said that Stevie was trying to open her eyes and trying to take some steps. This morning, She called the vet and it was doom and gloom again. I guess it really is hour by hour. They tried to take her off of the oxygen last night and she had tremors so they had to leave her on. The vet that she spoke to this morning said that she was only responsive because she was stimulated? I am going to keep hoping. Stevie is a fighter. They didn't think she was going to make it through the first night so she really is fighting the odds... Friday 3:00PM Today we got to see Stevie for the first time! Sherrie was so excited and happy to see her and so was I! When Sherrie talked to her, Stevie perked up and looked her direction as if she was listening. I know she can hear how much we love her. She is trying to open her eyes. She is off of the oxygen for now but was experiencing some tremors. She is trying to sit up a little but is still disoriented. This may be a long recovery. We are going to wait a few more days to see if she can become stable enough for the jaw sutures. She has beaten all the odds so far….she is a tough little girl and she is not giving up without a fight. Stevie's mom is doing the best she can to provide the best care for her. She has taken out a line of credit to pay for her care but is going to max that out very soon. Stevie will need to be hospitalized 24/7 for the next several days. This is on top of 3 days already of critical ER care, Oxygen, Medicine, IV, Tube Feedings etc. Stevie is also still facing a procedure to suture her jaw and possible x-rays to see what other problems may lay beneath the surface. I can only imagine how awful it is to have something tragic like this happen, going through the waiting, the worry and on top of that, trying to figure out how you are going to continue to provide the care that she needs to take care of her. Please help by donating any amount that you can spare to help Stevie. She may need months of recovery but she is a fighter. All of the vets have said that with brain injuries, what we really need is to give her as much time as possible to heal. Please help us to help her do that. Stevie Update Sat June 25th The vet said that Stevie is the same as yesterday. There are no significant changes. She is taking her tube feeding well. We continue to wait and pray...wait and pray....wait and pray...and hope Update Sunday June 26th Stevie is doing very well. Her palate is beginning to heal. She is licking her lips and swallowing on her own. She has not eaten food yet - still tube feeding. She has been off her pain medication for about 4 hours and has been doing well. She is off the oxygen and holding her own. It is possible that she could come home tomorrow but we have to learn how to tube feed Stevie is a little miracle girl. We still do not know how much function she will be able to gain back. Only time will tell. She has not walked or stood day at a time... Update Monday 27th-Tuesday 28th Stevie came home tonight! We went to the vet around 7PM to pick her up and to learn what we needed to do to care for her at home. She had a seizure in the hospital earlier that day as a result of a large bowel movement (Stevie asked me not to tell you that but I told her it was ok because it was actually a good thing – the bowel movement was good, not the seizure of course). They had just started her on Phenobarbital in an effort to control them and we were to continue that at home along with Antibiotics and Eye ointment. We were so happy to have her home and full of high hopes. The down side to Phenobarbital was that it made Stevie very sedate. This is good since she needs rest to heal but discouraging when you are looking for signs that she is doing better and she isn’t moving much at all. She had a very small seizure in the car on the way home. It was a short episode of shaking - less than 30 seconds. We got home and she had another one about 2 hours later but it was also less than 30 seconds. After our flash lesson in tube feeding at the ER, I was not very confident about doing it at home. I was actually very nervous but I was determined to try since this is what she needed and this is what we would ultimately be doing for 4 times a day until she could take in more on her own. She had eaten at 6 and was due to eat every 6 hours. It was nearing midnight and I knew it was coming! After about an hour of trying and worrying, I decided that I was going to give up. The last thing I wanted to do was to cause her more stress. I failed miserably at tube feeding but Stevie did manage to eat 8 ML by Syringe. 6AM came and again, I could not get the tube all the way in so she ended up eating about 5ML via Syringe. She HAD to get more nutrition in her so I took her to Pikesville Animal Hospital in the morning to get another lesson in tube feeding. We (mostly the Dr.) successfully gave her the full 20ML and she came to work with me downtown. As the day progressed, her seizures became more frequent. We gave her another dose of Phenobarbital but shortly after wards, the seizures became more frequent and were lasting much longer. We were worried and immediately called the ER who advised us to take her back They had to stop the seizures. They put her back on an IV and Valium to control the seizing. She is safe for tonight and in the most capable hands. Update Wednesday June 29th The ER vet said that Stevie has not had a seizure since 7PM last night! She is off the Valium now. She is alert and eating a little more on her own via syringe. When she hears the cat meowing in the crate next to her, she perks up a little with those big ears.The nurse said that she may be ready to go home again this afternoon but she still requires tube feeding to make sure that she has the nutrition that she needs to continue to heal. She seems to be doing better. Stevie’s mom went to visit her tonight and decided that it would be best for her to stay one more night. This is going to be long ride….a roller coaster. Stevie needs your prayers to pull her through this. Thank you all for your well wishes and support through this very traumatic time. Thursday June 30, 2011 Stevie went home tonight with Mama Sherrie! She picked her up at the ER about 6:00PM and so far no seizures! Keep your fingers crossed! She is still resting and eating a little bit on her own via syringe. She has to get the rest via tube feeding so we can make sure she is getting the nutrition she needs to recover. Progress is slow but at least it is progress. I'll take that! Monday July 4th, 2011 Stevie has been home for 5 days now. Mama Sherrie has been taking really good care of her. I am officially Aunt Cindy now. Sherrie has learned how to tube feed and is becoming a pro! Stevie needs constant care and taking care of her is very stressful and worrisome since her status can change in an instant . She came to work Friday and she is very sedate. The Phenobarbital keeps her that way but also prevents her from having seizures. You can pick her up but she is like Raggedy Ann. Every once in awhile, she will give you a sign that she is with you, like an ear twitch or eyes open for a minute. I keep hoping that this is the "recovery" phase. She needs this time to rest and get strong and hopefully will come back from this. The vet said she needs time which I think is the most difficult thing to give when she is in this state. This is why most people don't make it though this phase. They think that this is the best it will get but I don't believe it is. Her Doctor told us that they can wean her off of the Phenobarbital in about 4 weeks. It has already been one week. My belief is that when that happens, if she can sustain herself without seizures, that we will start to see "Stevie" emerge from this comatose state. We have a long road ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with Stevie and Sherrie and her family.
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