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Helping to ease the burden for Geoff Howard and his family - please show your support <3

Our brother, Geoff Howard, had skin cancer (spindle cell Malignant Melanoma) removed and a couple of surgeries and radiation earlier this year. He recently went to Alaska for a wedding with his family - and was having severe back pain. He came home and the Dr. took an xray and told him his back was broken in two places. He went back for testing on August 10th and they found cancer on both lungs, in his blood, in his bones (causing bone fractures) and in his hip. He's 41. There's nothing we can do to help Geoff except make sure his family is taken care of. They need to keep their focus on each other - his wife Jana Howard is being the strength of the household and trying to keep it all together. She has to keep working to keep their health insurance in effect and put food on the table. But she also wants to take care of Geoff as much possible. She's an amazing woman and step-mom to Alex, Tiffany, and Hannah, and we know why Geoff loves her. If anyone has any ideas or resources for them to get assistance (without his income and the extra bills of testing and dr's it's become uncontrollable) please forward that. With the advanced nature and aggressiveness of this cancer - we are not setting up a "foundation". If you want to help - then just help. He will be having surgery to pin his back together on Thursday August 16th. After that, it will be step by step and day by day. As many of you might know, there is no cure for melanoma and prognosis is grim. We do what we can, when we can.... You can also send a card or donation direct to them at: Geoff and Jana Howard 519 College Street Portland, TN 37148


The sisters of Geoff Howard sincerely appreciate your help.  Marge McGill, Madlyn Howard, and Rosann Sky are all working together to help Geoff and his family fight this cancer battle.  Your support is appreciated and we are grateful.



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