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Raising awareness for Invisible Disabilities and Service Dog Fundraiser.


She has blonde hair, big brown eyes, a happy wiggle, and a heart made for service. Her name is Molly and she is a service dog. I had been thinking about getting a service dog for about a year but didn’t know how obtain one. Then one day, just like magic, Cat (the head trainer at Cat Can Do Training) walked into my life and introduced me to Molly. I love dogs, so loving Molly was merely an extension of who I am. But as I watched her work I began to dream of the endless possibilities and rekindled the hope of finding my independence.
The reason for my excitement is that I have lived with debilitating and chronic shoulder pain my entire life. I was born with this condition but have been determined to overcome it and not allow it to get in my way of living. However, the older I get the more my pain increases and my function decreases in spite of all efforts to correct this condition in my shoulders. I have had several shoulder surgeries that offered the hope of being pain free with increased mobility, but they never seemed to deliver.
My last surgery left me unable to lift, push, or pull anything that weighs more than a coffee cup. I have spent my entire life trying to live independently but have come to conclusion that additional assistance is necessary. Molly is that bridge that can lead me to independence. However, my dream for Molly-assisted independence is still slightly out of reach. Service dogs and their specialized training are very expensive. Service dog organizations have waiting lists from 2-4 years. The good news, is that Molly is available now, and I am first on her list! The first challenge was finding Molly. However, the second challenge is raising the funds that will enable to me acquire Molly.

My Bridge to Independence

Blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a happy heart expressed through her wagging tail, Molly is not your average pretty face. She’s smart, beautiful, and has a heart made to help others. Molly is specially trained to perform tasks that are impossible or extremely painful for me to accomplish. Molly will:

  •  Carry a back pack that contains my school books.
  •  Open heavy doors.
  •  Push a grocery cart
  •  Remove items from the shelf and placing them in the cart.
  •  Carry grocery bags from the car to the house.
  •  Pick up dropped objects.
  •  Pick up any item I drop and returning it to me with joy in her heart.
  •  Carry up to 15-20 pounds in her pack and up to 50 pounds in cart.
  • Clear a path and acting like a buffer between me and others.
  •  Retrieve the phone for me to call for help.
  •  Push an emergency button.
    And more...

Funds raised for Molly

Molly is available with some of the training I need currently in place. However, she will need additional training for my specialized needs.
Because of my unique circumstance, I need a dog that can carry weight now. Molly is physically and emotionally mature enough to carry the weight I need, which is perfect timing because I need her help to finish school.


We are raising 30,000.  However, we are trying to raise the necessary funds in smaller increments to make our goal more doable.

All of the funds raise will be used for:

* My fully trained and certified service dog, Molly.
* Preparation for dog placement:
* Assistance adaptations to the house
* Family training
* My formal training
* Team training with Molly



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