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This is the Sugarkitten Morgan Fund. The funds will be used for Morgan's $297.89 vet bill.

(UPDATE 9/24/2011) Morgan died early this morning around 3 am. I still don't understand it because only about 3 hours before she was eating her canned food/water mixture really well and "talking" and even walking for the first time in a week. I have done nothing but think about her all day. She had become my baby and even though I was exhausted trying to feed her and give her medicine, it was worthit because I made a wonderful little friend. I keep seeing her face and remembering how she just stared at me with her big green eyes. She was so helpless and I hate that I couldn't save her. She will forever be in my heart and in my memories. RIP my girl and know you've changed my life forever.

"Little Darling" Morgan 7/30/2011 - 9/24/2011 (about 8 weeks old)

Morgan's total for her vet bill is $297.89. We were able to talk to our vet about working with us as far as making payments but it is still very hard to afford her bill. If anyone could help out at all it would mean the world to us and we wouldn't be able to thank you enough.


Morgan is a tiny little 7 week old brown tabby kitten. We rescued her early Saturday (9/17) morning from the side of the road and rushed her to the vet because her little body was limp & she was gasping for air. They ran a luekemia & fiv test and luckily those came back negative. They then ran a coccidia test and it was positive. They gave us the coccidia medicine that was to be given for 2 days. We followed our vet's instructions and it seemed to work. Morgan perked up, flopped on her back & started playing. She was also finally eating. But the next night she was lifeless again. We called and rushed our vet in around midnight and she gave her fluids and a sugar/water syringe but after an hour there was still no change. We took her home & every 2 hours we gave her a sugar/water syringe and rubbed karo syrup on her gums. Once again she perked up and was full of life. She even took 9 formula syringes at 7 am. But a couple of hours later when I went home on my break to feed her, she was lifeless again. I called my vet and took her back in and they held onto her until I got off so that they could monitor her. But it didn't help any. I took her home yesterday and I have fed her and heated up a rice sock every 2 hours. She has come out of her coma somewhat but she is still very much lifeless. She will curl her feet into her body and her head will just shake. For about an hour this morning (9/22) I held her close to me and she slept like a baby. The whole time I could feel her heart beating really fast and her breathing is still heavy and quick. I am taking her back to the vet right now to have a blood glucose test done and whatever else it takes to figure out what's killing this girl. I hate to ask for help but we are desparately in need of it to take care of her vet bills and make sure that she can be saved. If you are able to at all, can you please help us save our first ever sugarkitten, Morgan?
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