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The family and friends of Anthony Kuber are uniting to raise money to help with Tony's battle to recover from a random act of violence.

I would like to tell you about Anthony 'Tony' Kuber's horrifying story...

On Monday, November 5th 2012 at 7:45pm, Tony was walking to his father's house to get his voter's registration card to vote the following morning. After Tony gets off the Red Line, he then has to walk through about 3 blocks of a rough neighborhood to get to his father's home, in which he was born and raised. As Tony was walking he noticed a hooded man across the street but didn't think anything of it, he was then instantly grabbed from behind by a masked man hidden behind a fence and yanked 10 yards to a desolated abandoned lot. When he was grabbed his Iphone and wallet fell out of his pockets. The man across the street ran over and picked up the Iphone and wallet from the ground. Tony was then face to face with the masked, hooded gunman. Tony did not put up a struggle.Tony then put his hands over his face in defense.Once the masked man had the Iphone and wallet, he then opened fire and left Tony for dead.

Tony was shot five times with four exit wounds. Tony was shot once in his right hand, the bullet entered his pinky fingered and exited his index finger, all the bones were shattered from his knuckle down to his hand. He has, so far had 2 surgeries on his hand, with many more to come. As of right now, he has several pins holding his hand together. The Drs have no idea if Tony will ever be able to use his right hand again. Tony is right handed. Tony is unsure of the order of the next gunshots, but one went into his chest, in which the bullet went in and out of his stomach, his diaphragm, and was lodged into his small intestines. Tony had an exploratory surgery to try and fix this during which one of this lungs collapsed. Tony was put on a feeding tube, had a chest tube inserted to drain fluid from his lungs, and oxygen to help him breathe. He was hospitalized for 10 days. Because of his exploratory surgery he now has an incision down his entire torso starting at his upper ribs down to his pelvic region, which had to be left open for several days to drain any infection. As of right now there has been no complications. Tony was also shot in his left arm, he has an entrance and exit wound there. He was then shot twice more in his left leg with one more exit wound. One of these shots went in his thigh and out the back of his knee. As of right now Tony is unable to wiggle his toes on his left foot as well as bend his foot upwards. Tony also has two gunshot wounds in his left arm.

Tony has to wear a brace ever two hours on his left foot and sleep in a brace to help correct the function of his foot drop. After he was shot 5 times, he layed in the desolated lot for 10 minutes bleeding profusely, realizing no one could hear his screams, he dragged himself 10 yards to the street where he lay for 15 more minutes to try and stop a passerby. A good samaritan who has still not come forward called an ambulance and saved his life.

Tony is unable to sleep because of massive pain and can only sleep in one position with his right hand elevated above his chest to help stop the throbbing. Tony is also in pain the entire day and has very little relief. Tony's back is swollen and can not move in most directions. Emotionally, he relives the shooting several times a day and is afraid for his loved ones. Tony breaks down at randoms times and can not catch his breath. Tony would like to say, this is not a gang, drug, race or political act. He states it is a random act of violence by very sick and disturbed people. Tony would also like to say, on Monday night he saw the ugliness of what people can do, but by Tuesday morning will all the kind words he also sees the beauty in people.

Tony will never again take life for granted and would like to celebrate being alive. This is Tony's story, let's come together to stop the violence. Any help with donations would be greatly appreciated to help assist in Tony Kuber's long road to recovery.
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