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Raising funds to help relieve the financial burden of medical and other related expenses so Kaylee's parents can focus on her health.

This past Christmas was one 10 month old Kaylee's parents will never forget, and thankfully, Kaylee will likely never remember. On December 26th, after being very ill for over a week, Kaylee's Mommy took her to Central Dupage Hospital's Emergency Room, believing she may have pneumonia. What Mommy didn't expect, was to find out that Kaylee not only had pneumonia, but also a type of leukemia called AML. (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) AML is an aggressive cancer of the blood and bone marrow, which requires immediate intervention and treatment. Thankfully, AML is typically easier to treat in patients as young as Kaylee, though the next six months of Kaylee's life is going to be anything but easy. She has just begun an intensive chemotherapy regiment that will keep her in the hospital for the majority of the next six months. Should the chemo fail to do it's job entirely, the next step will most likely be a bone marrow transplant, providing a matching donor is quickly found.

But Kaylee is one tough little cookie, and she can beat this. She needs all the love and support of family and friends, and so does her Mommy and Daddy.

There are several challenges facing Kaylee's Mommy (Megan) and Daddy (Eric) at the moment. Megan works full time, but is heartbroken (as any mother would be) at the thought of leaving Kaylee by herself in the hospital while she goes to work everyday, though she has little choice as she is the sole income provider for her family at this time. She has already needed to take some unpaid time off while Kaylee was in the PICU, and no doubt, will have to take more in the future. Eric was laid off for the winter, and cares full time for Kaylee's big brother Christian---who has taken a full stride into the terrible twos---making it very difficult to be at the hospital for long periods of time. Megan and Eric only have one working car between them which Megan needs to get to and from work, leaving Eric stranded either at home or the hospital with Christian until Megan's workday is over. Times are tough enough as it is, and bills don't take long to get behind on. Especially during a crisis such as this.

Funds raised will help relieve the financial stress of Kaylee's parents, so they can keep their focus on little Kaylee's health rather than worrying about mounting bills.

Any donation, no matter how big or small will greatly help Kaylee and her family through this tough time in their lives, and of course is greatly appreciated!

Please keep Kaylee in your thoughts and prayers as she fights for her life!

If you'd like to follow Kaylee's journey throughout her battle with Leukemia (and all it's complications) subscribe to her "CarePages" link shown on the left. Kaylee's Mommy does her best to update it as often as she can!
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