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We are putting togather this fundraiser for our dad, who has always been there for us kids, and anyone else who needed help.

Hello my dads name is Dusty,

He was a truck drive, but when he found out about the anyersim in his heart he and then choose to stop driving, not beacuse I wanted to but in my mind I felt that if the anyersim broke he knew he would be dead, but why should he take someone else's family with me. He said that he didn;t want to take that risk, but 3months after finding about the anyersim, we found out about the kidney, and the COPD.

Dusty has renal carsonomia(cancer) and assending aortic anyersm that is in a very coplicated part of his heart

He cant work right now due to his condition,He is scheduled to get his whole left kidney out this month on the 29th. Hopefully that will be the last, he is scheduled to get a nuclear test done on the 17th of this month. If all goes well and his right kidney function will be high enough so he wont need dialis.

Now after he gets the kiney taken care of we will then start the process to tackel the anyersm in his heart. which will be a long and hard thing to acomplish due to the location. Right now his anyersm is at a 4.7 and that when it got to be a 5 we would then have to operate. His Doctor who is located at The University of Pennsylvannia, his doctor had also said that his heart operation is going to be and complicated prosedure, that in fact it is one of the heartest place to operate on someone.

All his doctors including(cardilogist, family doc, surgens, lung doc, and kidney doc) all had stated that Dusty should not do anything that can his heart to flucuate. Now that is exstremly hard for him to do, this man worked his whole life to provide for his wife and 4 children. His wife is unable to work due to her own illness.

So we are putting Dusty's story up so people can read about him and his family and the issues that he is dealing with mentaly, and finacial. So if anyone could help them that would be great. God bless all of you who at read and can relate to this article., and please if you can't help out with and funds, please pray for Dusty and his family

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