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Living and Medical Expenses not covered by insurance for the Rao family in their time of need.

Victor and Wilma Rao were hit by an uninsured ex-convict driving a stolen car in February. The assailant, who served time at Rikers for attempted robbery, has been charged with DWI, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle without consent and vehicular assault with injury. He was doing 70 mph in a 25 mph zone when he blew through a stop sign and collided with the Rao's small sedan.

Both Victor and Wilma were hospitalized. Wilma spent three days in the hospital and was released and is recovering. Victor has regained conscientiousness but his future is unclear. He has undergone multiple surgeries. He is partially paralyzed on his right side, likely blind in his left eye and can barely speak. All his ribs are broken and his pelvis is shattered.

The family has medical insurance but it will only cover part of the medical expenses. In fact, Oxford only covered 60 days in the Kessler Rehabilitation Center that specializes in treating brain injuries. He is now in a sub-acute facility where his needs are basic being met but the therapy is not specifically tailored to his injuries. Normally in a situation like this, money is not an issue as the party responsible for the accident usually has liability insurance, often millions of dollars, to pay additional medical expenses, loss of wages, etc. That is not the case here. There is no safety net. The family stands to loss everything without help. Victor needs additional therapy which is not cover by insurance. His house will need extensive modifications before he can return home. All of this cost money!

Victor's freight forwarding business' revenue is uncertain with him out of the picture for a while and the family needs to meet their expenses. During this hard time, the last thing Victor, Wilma and their children need to be worrying about is money.

Please donate what ever you can and forward this to everyone you know. These are good people who stand to lose everything. Let's all pitch in and help them through this hard time.

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