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This is the Vikki Ivanovich Medical Fund. All donations will be used to help pay for medical costs not covered by medical insurance.

Vikki is a 41 year old woman who has been diagnosed with chronic COPD, is suffering from an enlarged heart, has severe lymphedema, recurring cellulitis infections, and several other health issues currently making life very difficult for her.
She is still trying to work full time, but it has become increasingly difficult for her to keep going to work 40 hours a week and still have time to keep her many doctors and therapists appointments. Mobility has become a serious concern as the severe swelling she suffers with makes even standing and walking short distances extremely difficult and tiring. She is unable to undergo some of the treatments recommended to ease her conditions because she cannot afford to take the time away from work to do them, nor will her insurance cover enough of the cost to make them viable. She is on 24 hour oxygen therapy and is taking several medications for the myriad of problems she has been battling this past 18 months, as well as undergoing many types of therapies and treatments.
The insurance she has is through her employer and doesn't cover much of all the medical expenses she's facing, and if she cannot continue to work full time, which is doubtful, she will lose her benefits entirely. Her doctors have point blank informed her that if she doesn't continue the therapy and medications she is currently on, she will die.
It is impossible for me to believe that we live in a world where we can allow good people to simply suffer and die because they cannot afford the incredibly inflated costs of medical treatment and medications in this country. I am asking that you please consider giving a donation of any amount, whatever you can afford, towards helping this woman continue to pay for the medical attention she needs to survive.

All we can do is pray for help. Thank you for considering this request, and may you never have to make one like it.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about Vikki or this donation request. If you would prefer to send a check, you may do so. Please call me for details on where to send checks if you would rather donate this way. Call Joni @ 832-524-1800. PLEASE HELP!
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