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Daisy Mae is a 9 month old Boston Terrier who needs surgery on her left hind leg, she has a medical condition called Medial Patella Luxation

Daisy Mae is a 9 month old Boston Terrier who needs surgery on her left hind leg because she has a medical condition called Medial Patella Luxation.

Medial Patella Luxation is when the kneecap goes out of its proper position and rests on the inside (medial) of the knee. This condition may be congenital (present at birth) or acquired. The congenital form is very common in toy breeds, which includes Boston Terriers. Daisy Mae's veterinarian believes that she could have been born with Medial patellar luxation, but since she is still a puppy her condition could have progressed when she stumbled running up the stairs on March 24th 2012. When a dog has medial patella luxation they may appear to run normally, but after a while they will pick up their hind leg and carry it. In Daisy's case, she will put a little weight on her leg when she first gets up after resting, but for the majority of the day she is carrying her left hind leg. Along with carrying her leg, Daisy is unable to sit down with her left leg tucked in causing her to lean to the right side because when she sits down that is when her kneecaps dislocates.

To get a clearer example of what a Medial Patella Luxation is put your right hand on your own right kneecap, you can feel it located in the middle of the knee. Now move your hand to the left side (inside or medial) of your right knee. This is where a medially luxating patella rests.

I am asking for donations because I am a full-time college student with a part-time job that doesn't pay enough for me to be able to pay for the surgery in full before it is performed. Both of the veterinarians I got estimates from do not allow me to make payments and only give me the option of getting an animal credit card, which I do not have the credit to get approved for. In two weeks, my boyfriend and I have already spent over $300 on X-rays and Rimadyl, which is an anti-inflammatory. When I took Daisy to her usual veterinarian they gave me a rough estimate of $1500 and when I went to another veterinarian for a second opinion on Daisy's conditions they said it would cost at the very minimum $1350.

Here is the detailed information that we received from Daisy's veterinarian for the estimated cost of the surgery:

Preanesthesia/Induction- $67.00
General Anesthesia 1st 1/2 Hour- $140.20
General Anesthesia add 15 minutes- $61.80
Anesthesia monitoring Lv2- $73.20
Patella Lux Med Sm Uni- $777.00
IV Catheter- $22.65
Pre/Post Op. Analgesia- $37.00
Thermal Support- $23.50
Chem.5 (5-6) Tests- $78.60
Fentanyl Patch 25mcg/hr- $37.09
Rimadyl 25mg Chew (Quantity:14)- $32.20

The treatment plan and estimated above may range from: $1350.00 to $1688.00

Thank you for your love and donations.

If by any chance we end up with more money then we need for Daisy's surgery we will donate the extra donations to the Nebraska Humane Society and/or the Boston Terrier Rescue.
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