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My father is a strong and positive person who has many supporters who will help him win this battle... Let's show him how much we all care!

How my fat man rolls With (ET) essential tremor

Its 7am as I come into consciousness, roll over, and beat up phone until it shuts up. I’m sure you guys can predict who’s going to barge into my room right? If you’re thinking my mom…you’re mistaken. It’s my 245 lbs fat man also known as my father.

As he rips the pillow out from under my head, he yells at me to get up. I say “no”, and he says “If you don’t get up, I’m going to sit on you”. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Wow that is really bad parenting” but that’s just how he “rolls”.

My father is a stay at home parent. He has had(ET) essential tremor since he was 5 year old. It is a progressive neurological condition that causes a rhythmic trembling of the hands, head, voice, legs or trunk. It is often confused with Parkinson’s disease and dystonia.

I know what people say, and I can’t lie and say it doesn’t bother me. Only my family objects to this idea, but that’s a story for another day. My father is a character, and I say this with a smile because in a way this also defines me.

His name Is Carlos Miguel Pena, and he is extraordinary, really, truly extraordinary. To give you a little bit of his background, my father is a retired boxer and bodybuilder. He started boxing at a young age and started weight training, and soon bodybuilding.

In 1988, he won the Pennsylvania Classic, then the Lee high Valley National Qualifiers in 1990. Lee high valley national qualifiers gave him the opportunity to go for Juniors USA in 1991. Which got him an invitation to the Night of champions, which is the pro level in 1992. He didn’t go for it, he told me that they asked him to “bulk up” and try again next year.

He never went back. His body couldn’t get any bigger than it already was without illegal muscle enhancing drugs. This went against what he believed in, so he decided to focus on his family.

The fact that he was a boxer and a bodybuilder is awesome, but that’s not why he is extraordinary. Besides Essential Tremors my father also has Anxiety disorder an Panic Attacks. Which have made his work search very difficult.

Essential tremor is involuntary shaking. Involuntary meaning you shake without trying to. Can you picture that? Jump into a pool and stand in a cold breeze. That uncontrollable shiver; imagine feeling that all day every day. All we know is that it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes him to shake uncontrollably.

No one really understands what he goes through. The simple things that we take for granted are a struggle for him. Drinking water and sometimes talking is an issue.

My father is extraordinary because he wakes up every morning. He never let essential tremors, anxiety and panic attacks hold him back. He runs and practices Mix Martial Arts as much as he can at home.

He tells me that it gets harder and harder as the years pass, and the question he often asks himself is how much am I willing to give today? He tells me he want to achieve everything he can out of life and that's why he refuses to give up.

I work hard in everything I do because of him. He motivates me in sports, school and everything else; that's just how my fat man rolls.

My fat man is not likely to be recruited by the X-Men any time soon, but he is my super hero and a REAL fighter.

My fat man recently lost his job and at this point I think that at least a portion of his prescriptions and doctors bills will be covered by his basic insurance. But he will needs help with things as basic as rent and food and other living expenses.

I want to be able to do all this for him, but I can’t do it alone. I’m only 19 years old and doing my best handling school and work but my education has come to a halt because I know he can’t pay for my next semester of college.


If you prefer to send checks directly please make them
to "Carlos Pena"

And send them to:
2877 Briggs Ave 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10458

Thank You,

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