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This is the Denny Maller Liver Transplant Fund. The funds will be used for my dad's medical costs and expenses not covered by insurance.

As some of you may already know, my dad (Denny) has been battling with end-stage liver disease for over eleven years now. He has not been able to drive or work in years. This life threatening disease had become progressively worse through the years especially in the last three years. Since the transplant list in Colorado was very long and slow moving, my dad was referred to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He had been evaluated there and been accepted into their liver transplant program in 2009. He would get blood tests about once a month to determine his M.E.L.D score. (MODEL FOR END –STAGE LIVER DISEASE) This score decides where you are placed on the transplant list. For many years my dad's M.E.L.D score was pretty low. As my dad got sicker and sicker, his score still remained the same. We knew he needed a new liver asap.

It was very hard to watch my dad suffer so much. My dad has always had a positive outlook on life, even through all the pain. He would never complain about his illness. My dad enjoys helping out others. He would collect canned food and donations outside many music concerts for those less fortunate. His love for music has spread to my brother and I. Even on his worst days he would just sit back and download music and make his family and friends great mixes. He also would insist on having his grandchildren over to play all day long. He would never miss an ice skating lesson either. Mia and Kayla mean the world to him, and he (Papa) means the world to them aswell. If you know my dad, then I don't have to explain what kind of person he is. If you don't know my dad, then you should. :) My dad has never let any of these obstacles get the best of him. He has remained happy and positive throughout the many years of suffering. My dad is a loving and compassionate father, a great friend, and the best “Papa” to my girls! He is and will always be my hero!

So as we waited for my dad to move higher up on the transplant list, we were told that one of the requirements that the transplant center has is for each transplant patient to raise funds to cover some of the expenses not covered by insurance. Before he could get a new liver, they had required him to raise a minimum of $5000 to cover out of pocket expenses.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and family who had previously donated, we were able to raise the $5000 however since then; my dad had been called to Atlanta two times, only to be sent home after weeks of waiting there. This past summer he was #1 on the transplant list, he was in the best shape physically and mentally. While in Atlanta my dad became seriously ill. He was hospitalized and deactivated from the transplant list. There were many unexpected medical expenses which had to be paid for out of the liver fund.

My dad was reactivated in January 2012 on the transplant list. The transplant team called my dad on Friday February 18th and was told he was #1 again and to be in Atlanta by Tuesday the 21st of February 2012. Our family was happy, nervous, shocked. We new this was it! My dad was going to come home with a new liver!

On February 27th, a donor gave my dad the gift of life. He recieved a new liver. The next day, he was like a new man. It was truly AMAZING! He was talking and he looked great.

Then, about 3 days later something went wrong. The bile duct came apart and he had to have it rebuilt in a 2nd surgery. He is now having troubles getting the bleeding to stop. He has been in ICU for the last 3 days and will stay there til the doctors see an improvement. We were all shocked that this was happening. My mom, brother and I stayed at the hospital for hours and hours and days. Just when we though he was improving, the doctors found internal bleeding and had to try and stop it so they performed a 3rd surgery and he was back in ICU again. We thought for sure there could be no more complications at this point. But yes, there were. He was rushed into the OR for a 4th surgery. The doctors found internal bleeding again and were able to stop it. Since this last surgery his vitals are all very good and in very stable condition. Still extremely weak and just getting real food (soup) in him for the first time in 9 days. My dad's blood levels are going up, his toxicity going down. Moving from the bed to the chair and back to the bed multiple times a day to start building strength back. His color is coming back but he's incredibly weak. They started him back on liquids today ontop of the TPN iv feed.

All we can do is continue to stay positive, stay strong, and have faith! We thank you all for the love, prayers and good energy you are sending. We are so thankful for the support that's has been given the entire time.

Unfortunatley, a liver transplant is quite a bit of money. Even without complications. As with any surgery, recovery times vary from patient to patient,
based largely on how complicated the surgery ended up being. The average cost is $500,000 with no complications.

Costs associated with liver transplantation include:
• recovery and in-hospital stay
• extensive lab tests
• anesthesia
• fees for transplant surgeons and operating room personnel
• transportation to hospital (including air transport charges if necessary)
• lodging, transportation and food for family members while the patient is hospitalized
• physical therapy and rehabilitation
• patient lodging following discharge (patients who live more than 50 miles away must stay near hospital for a minimum of 30 days following discharge)

Anti-rejection drugs and other medications (these costs can easily exceed $10,000 in the first year, and some of these medications are required for the rest of a transplant recipient's life).
The following are estimates and depend on the dosage and pharmacy used. Note that most health plans pay a percentage of medication costs:
Prograf: Total monthly cost is approximately $3,000
• Cellcept: Total monthly cost is approximately $1,400 (required for approx. first three months only)
• Septra: Total monthly cost is approximately $7.00
• Prednisone: Total monthly cost is approximately $7.00
• Proton Pump Inhibitor: Total monthly cost is approximately $30 (required for approx. first 3 months only)
• Nystatin: Total monthly cost is approximately $40 (required for approx. first 2 months only)
• Valcyte: Total monthly cost is approximately $3,000 (required for approx. first 3-6 months only)
• HBIG 5cc vial: Cost is approximately $900 per injection (hepatitis B only)
• Lamivudine or Baraclude: Total monthly cost is approximately $900 (hepatitis B only)

I don't like to ask anyone for money, but in this case it's not a matter of liking to do something. It's a matter of needing to ask, so here it goes. If you are in any position to help raise the necessary funds to make this life saving surgery possible, please do. No donation is too small. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. PLEASE continue to keep him in your thoughts & lets pray for a speedy recovery with no more complications. PLEASE continue to pass this link along to your friends & family. Please help support this fund to help with the numerous bills to come, and all these unexpected complications which required Intensive care for many weeks along with the costs of meds, transportation, lodging & other transplant related expenses. WE LOVE YOU & thank you so much for the positive energy sent this whole time....BLESSING of LOVE & LIGHT
Laura & Scott
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