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My little hedgehog baby needs help! Anything counts!

Hello everyone! Less than a week ago I adopted a 1 & 1/2 year old hedgehog who I call Nugget. He came from an abusive home. He was poorly fed, lived in a tank with dirty old bedding filled with fecies & urine. He had the wrong kind of wheel & he has horribly dry skin, possibly mites. Worst of all, the owners who had him before were drug addicts. What they always did to Nugget was smoke weed, & blow all the smoke into the cage. They did this often. When I went to go see him for the first time, I had to get him out of there. Most people wouldnt want to take a challenge like this on, but for Nugget, I will do anything. & That is why im asking for your help. First of all, I have to get him a new cage. Hedgehogs need a nice sized cage, the best being a 'C&C Cage' (Cubes & Chloroplast) The cubes have to be a specific size so the hedgehog cant escape. I will most likely have to order this online. Chloroplast comes from a sign store, and It can get pricy. Espically because hedgehogs need room to run around & play. Next, I have to get a better wheel. Hedgehogs need a flat running surface, So I have to order that online too. Hedgehogs eat a diet of HIGH QUALITY cat food. That means a 2lb bag costs around Ten bucks, & I have to stock up on two different brands. That will also get pricy. I also need to get rid of all his bedding, & replace it with Fleece liners. I need atleast 8, So I can change them everyday. Joannes Fabrics can get expensive.

Anything will help you guys, I just wanna provide this little guy with the BEST life possible. I dont want anyone to hurt or scare him anymore. Thank you guys so much for reading & consider donating EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!

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