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Hi! My name is Priyanka and I am a 25-year old student currently working my way up the ladder to medical school.

My family transformed remarkably in just one generation because of my parents’ emphasis on education and efforts to give their children greater opportunities than they had as young Indian immigrants. As a first generation American, my commitment to hard work is informed by the privilege and context of the life my parents helped build for me. I have grown up in a country that allows me to indulge in fundamental rights that we often take for granted, including access to healthcare.

To offer a stark contrast, my family in India witnesses first hand the consequences of a broken system where health insurance is unheard of and medical treatments are not provided until payment is first presented on the table. My 20-year old cousin, Vidhu, lost his father to liver failure about two years ago. As an only child, he was the only support left for his mother who was shortly after diagnosed with cancer. Although his mother is doing better now, we recently discovered that Vidhu himself is suffering from end stage renal disease, meaning he is in stage 5 of chronic kidney failure. He started dialysis but it will not be successful for long; the only option left for him is to get a kidney transplant as soon as possible.

Unlike in the United States, there are no lists of organ donors that Vidhu can rely on. He lives in Kanpur, a few hours away from the capital city of New Delhi, where the treatment would take place. Apart from the treatment, Vidhu needs to pay for ongoing transportation and other medical expenses that are putting a strain on his already burdensome situation. The doctors have told our family that as soon as we provide the payment, they will not delay treatment any longer. All we have to do is amass the funds for a transplant.

My family here in the United States has tried to financially support members of my family in India on numerous occasions, and we would pay for Vidhu’s treatment without a doubt if we had the financial luxury for it. However, our hand has been extremely tight in the past few years – my dad’s business closed, and my family is busy trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage while getting me and my brother through school. That is why I have decided to reach out and ask for help, because all it takes is one blessed person with the right technology to change someone’s life. I may not have the financial resources, but I have a computer to put together this fundraiser and a social network to help get things moving.

How many times have you donated to a charity and been unsure about where exactly your donations went? Or supported a cause and saw no tangible difference? This is your chance to help someone and to be confident that something good will come out of it. My cousin is in dire need of this transplant and he has already gone through so much pain at such a young age. At his age, he should be sitting in a classroom, not in a hospital, and he should be exploring the beautiful experiences life has to offer. I want to give him hope and well-being - two vital ingredients for a bright future. I want to empower him to focus on bettering his health. I wish I could change the system but the most I can do for now is to ask for your help.

So please, take this opportunity to donate and help give Vidhu a future! Even if it is just a little bit, if everyone can help, it will eventually add up. With the help of my loved ones, friends – whether old or new, acquaintances and colleagues, I am confident we can reach our end goal.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you,


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