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Staci's Angels are uniting our love and support to help her battle against Melanoma. Please show your support and join us!

Please join “Staci’s Angels” in raising $15,000 to help our beautiful friend/family member Staci Heflin as she continues her daily battle and recovery from Stage III Melanoma skin cancer. Staci just celebrated her 33rd birthday. The best way “us angels” would describe her is… A single momma of 3, a beautiful girl with the most unbelievable, courageous, upbeat and positive attitude and does it with a smile that will melt your heart… just as quick as her blue eyes do. Overall … the toughest chick of anyone we have ever known as this cancer is her second. She was diagnosed and quickly kicked Breast cancer’s butt 3 years ago. Staci needs our love and support as she continues her strong fight AGAIN…

Last year Staci noticed that a mole on her left arm had changed colors and started to bleed. With not having medical coverage, she did the best that she could to hold up until she could qualify for medical assistance. Given her history 4 years before, she quietly fought the battle internally and stayed unbelievably strong for her three children at home. Staci was able to proceed with medical care in February of 2011 and quickly was scheduled for testing, biopsies and then followed by her surgery. The mole was removed as with two lymph nodes under her arm just a few weeks later. She bravely battled daily chemotherapy for the next 30 days thru her newly added port in her chest wall so she would not have to be poked daily. After that she moved on to the second half of her treatment which was her maintenance shots that she is able to do herself three times a week at home. Her blood counts have been extremely low and has battled being “grounded” as she calls it while trying to stay clear of general population to lower the risk of infection. Infections or a common cold could be a terrible blow to her treatment and outlook. After three months of continuous low counts, exhaustion and fevers, Staci discovered a new lump under her arm a few weeks ago. She was quickly sent in for her “re-check” a few months earlier than expected and will have the lump removed soon and awaiting test results for news if it has spread further.
Every day the reality of fighting cancer as a single mother becomes more taxing on her. Even when she REALLY tries to hide it from us angels, we know. From the trying to care for 3 children with extreme exhaustion and of course the kids are on summer break, to her hair falling out and all of the many unpleasant side effects. Although she does admit that with her new “thinner” hair, she no longer has to “pay” someone to “thin out” her hair at a salon. She fights courageously to stay strong for her children (and us angels) while always making light of the current situation and outlook. (See attached pictures… Only Staci can have a “Barium cocktail party at the local hospital”) as her “angels”, we just sit back and ask how someone can go thru so much and still be so positive, but we know the answer as she reminds us often. “Because I have to. There is no other option.”
As a single mother, of course the added financial stress with the basics like rent, utilities and food have started to take its toll after 5 months of being off work and although her goal is to work a few hours here and there thru recovery, we really are not sure when or if she will be able to. Her Chemo will continue through the new year of 2012 and based on more surgeries and continued testing, our fear is that the initial prognosis of her treatment plan of 13 months will no doubt be extended. We’re raising money for Staci’s expenses so she can focus all of her energy and strength on winning this battle, getting on the road to recovery and taking care of her 3 beautiful children that need there momma! The money donated will be used to pay for basic necessities, living expenses, and the portion of the treatments/prescriptions/etc… that are not being covered.
Dealing with two cancers before her 33rd birthday, one would imagine the utter despair we would succumb to, but again… We are not Staci and that … as she says… Is NOT an option. I giggle every time I hear about her oncology appointments and how to staff cannot wait for her to come for her appointment. She takes her “weekly shots notes” in for them to review. When you are preparing to inject your shot, you are to write down how you hope that particular injection will help with or what you hope to gain most from it. The staff has told us that as most will put “Give me more energy, stop losing my hair”, etc… For Staci, that is just too boring and feels like that is just too much pity. So she decided early on, she would do it her way. She lists items like “This shot is going to kick all of those nasty cancer cells butts and make me feel like superwoman, or “This shot will get me “un grounded” (low blood counts, stay away from large amounts of people) so I can go and visit my girls in Oklahoma and hoot and holler and throw back a few domestics for a Wade Bowen concert” There really has been so many that it just makes the staff laugh. She only recently thought of to ask them for copies as it is just her “therapy” for when she is injecting the shot. Staci’s continued courage, humor, positive outlook has made cancer less scary for all around her and has been a real inspiration to us “Angels”. Who else could not only think about the “Barium cocktail party”, but then post a picture as well?
Our goal is to help Staci maintain her focus on the fight against cancer and enjoy the support from friends and family in the coming months. We hope that after hearing her story and seeing her unbelievable spirit in pictures your generous help will get her thru the final chapter of her fight and raise our goal of $15,000. This will ensure that we give her children their healthy, stress free momma back in 2012 … and maybe even throw that “cocktail party” for Staci (No barium or hospital included.) ~ See , her attitude and humor is contagious.
It takes just a minute to donate online and is appreciated more than we could say. However, if you prefer to send a check, please contact Amy at … for details. Thank you.

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