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This Wishadoo! Community member needs help, and only money can do it. Rocky has tried every possible avenue to get help through pro bono dental work in his area, with no luck. He needs teeth to be able to get a job. Please help!

(The following is copied from Rocky's post at the WISHADOO WISHLIST):


I've lost almost all of my teeth, and because of that, all hope for a job.

I don't believe I'm doing this, but here goes-

I haven't had any kind of a paycheck for more than 2 years, not even UI. I get by because I live in the small, falling apart home my parents bought in 1963 with my sister and her husband. They are a bit older than me, she works as a nurse (a GREAT one) and he is on SS disability. I keep the house up, make a lot of meals, and grow the veggies in the back yard garden. But even with the money they make things are tight, and they have no extra.

I'm not a professional. I have no degrees or training and I've made it all my life by my wits and my talent. I'm not a laborer, or a mechanic or a builder. I can barley hammer a nail, but I do not mind hard work. If I were a professional or had a real skill, my teeth would not matter so much, but since I've relied on other skills for a living for all my life, believe me, they matter.

I've spent most of my working life as a sales person, I'm pretty good, or a DJ, a job that I have a natural and recognizable talent. As a DJ I did radio, club work and mobile work, which was the best and most rewarding of the three.

I can get work as a DJ, or a sales person, but not with the teeth I have now.

When I ask myself how I got to this point, the answers are legion. Some of my situation is undoubtedly my fault, some is just circumstance. I live in a town that routinely makes the list of worst cities in the US. We've been number one in forecloses, teen pregnancy and high school drop outs. We have the highest unemployment in Ca, and there's no help on the horizon. No temp jobs, and yes, I've gone to all the fast food places.

Trust me, even the 19 year old kid at McDonald's looks at you differently when you have 5 half teeth on top, and six on the bottom. Because Stockton has just a high rate of meth abuse, they go there first, and think I'm a tweeker. I am not, never have been.

I tried finding work so hard for so long that honestly, for the last few months, I've just given up. It’s become a challenge to change my clothes or even go outside. My niece is getting married this weekend and I’m embarrassed to go, because of my smile.

I have job offers. If I get my teeth fixed. I can make a living. If I get my teeth fixed. I would have hope for having a future. If I can get my teeth fixed.

Two DJ companies that have plenty of work for me can start booking events for me the second my teeth are fixed.

I've told this story to 12 dentist here in my town, and they all have the same story, they give to charities with money they make from their business. In other words, go get charity.

I've never asked for charity, so I thought I'd try. I've found a charity that will extract the rest of my broken teeth for free, it's not pretty, and the service is bare bones, but they'll do it. I have to show up at 4am outside a church on Mondays only and if the line is not too long, I can get in to get the work done.

That's all well and good, but they only take teeth out, and you are on your own for dentures. So that is my dilemma. I’ve found a place her in town that can do upper and lower for 830.00 bucks out the door. They aren’t the best, but it’s sure better than what I have now. Lol, I just want to be able to eat hard food again, damn I miss nuts and apples.

I don’t want anyone to give anything to me, I want a chance to work, pay the money back, and then begin paying it forward.

Beyond being a DJ, I can speak well in public, I’ve done some commerical acting (with teeth I could do it again), I can strings words together in a pleasant enough order for some and I have a good brain. I just can’t find anyone willing to give a toothless 50 year old man a chance to prove himself.

It seems such a small thing to me, when I look at the problems that people have. My daughter is okay and in college, thanks in a large part to her great mom, I’m not starving and I know a lot of people are far worse off than I am. I honestly want to help those people, but right now the rest of my life seems on hold because of a small thing, my teeth.

I’ve never understood, really, what the cycle of poverty was until this happened to me. I’ve learned that one thing, a tank of gas, bus fair, a visit to the dentist, any one thing, can effect the rest of your years.

The few people I’m close to try to tell me it doesn't matter, that people won’t think differently of me because of my teeth, but I know that is not true. I see it in the eyes of people that I meet, I know the look.

So, if you know a dentist that believes in helping people that only want to help themselves, and in turn help others, please let me know.

I love the heart that is behind Wishadoo's website, help or no help, so I’ll be sticking around to see what I can do.

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