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Please let us show her our strength to relieve some of her burdens. Denise is so grateful to everyone!

What should have started out as a great summer and fun Fourth of July weekend turned into tragedy for Denise Garcia and her husband Randal. During this weekend, Denise suffered a devastating freak accident falling breaking her neck. The doctors that saw her soon realized that that her situation was more urgent than was originally thought and she had two broken vertebrae (C6 and C7) that were shockingly were broken in half! She also had a chip of bone orbiting near her vertebral column and it is truly a miracle that she is not completely paralyzed. At any time before the removal of the chip it could have shifted into her spinal cord directly causing paralysis or death. She was then transferred to the Atlantic City Medical Center Trauma Unit and needed a six and a half hour emergency life saving surgery. Denise is now home desperately trying to recuperate, but is merely the beginning of a long journey. She currently has a metal plate and metal rods with 8 screws holding her neck together. She suffers chronic pain and is very limited in her mobility. Her hands were also affected by the accident causing very poor motor skills. She cannot hold things as simple as a pen properly, button her pants, or even snap her fingers. Denise is also suffering from many side effects from all the stress and necessary medications she has to take daily. On top of the injury itself, the financial burden is equally extensive. Her beloved husband Randal has also been doing what he can regarding work, while tending to the home, errands, and pet care,which is a lot because they save animals.Additionally, he needs another surgery himself to correct his own severe lower back problems that were not completely corrected in a surgery in 2005. He is a Carpenter by trade and only has intermittent work, if any, at this time.He is her sole caregiver and is determined to help her recover completely. Even with insurance affording proper care is a major struggle. The out of pocket costs for co-pays , deductibles, medications, and living expenses add up quickly and Denise will need extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy. For those of you who know Denise,you do not need anyone to tell you that she is the most generous, kind, caring, compassionate and selfless person you will come across in a lifetime. She will always help anyone who needs it in any way she can. Over the years she has donated her time and money to so many wonderful causes. To name just a few, she fosters homeless, and unwanted animals out of her home, volunteers at the local animal shelter, and gives to many organizations such as Veterans, Humane Society, ASPCA, has sponsored children in Africa, dogs from North Shore Animal League, Save the Earth, Green Peace, Autism, Peta, Farm Sanctuary and many more, and has made and sent gift boxes to Soldiers and Peace Corps Volunteer Friends overseas. Additionally, she always has collected clothing and food for the poor for years and her life goal is to operate a No Kill Animal Shelter/Sanctuary. She has also given much over the years trying to help her own family, that currently she has now been put into a terrible financial situation. Many may not be aware that Denise has silently been struggling with Dilated Cardiomyopathy over the years and is also a Cancer survivor who had a hysterectomy at a young age. She was never able to have children and her animals and the ones she saves are her babies. Lets help Denise...

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