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The family and friends of Lisa Arnone Jackson are uniting to raise money to help with her battle with MS. Please show your support!


Hello family and friends. I have started this fundraiser on behalf of my wonderful wife and best friend, Lisa Jackson. For those of you that know Lisa know that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or MS since June of 2004. MS is a progressive disease of the central nervous system and involves the deterioration of the myelin sheath on the nerves. It affects balance, coordination, vision, memory, fatigue, cognitive function, muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and can lead to paralysis. Lisa’s symptoms have progressively gotten worse and affect her quality of life. She has tried every one of the prescribed MS medications to attempt to slow the progression of this illness. There is no cure for MS, only drug therapy and is not guaranteed to work. For Lisa’s case, these medications simply do not work for her and the side effects are worse than the actual injections. These treatments are not only expensive; they are painful and leave massive bruising at the injection site. So instead of doing these injections, she has been doing alternative treatments like acupuncture, chelation IV therapy, and hyperbaric therapy for the past year to help maintain some of her symptoms. We just recently discovered that there was a fairly new procedure that may help with her symptoms called venous angioplasty or "the liberation technique". We recently went to Atlanta for a special Doppler ultrasound test to check for circulation problems and to see if she was a candidate for the procedure. We were told that she has multiple blockages in both jugular veins as well as the azygous vein which can increase the symptoms of MS.  We were told that there is a relatively safe procedure that can be done to help unblock these veins to help restore some of the basic functions that have been reduced like: balance, double vision, headaches, brain fog, cognitive function, and severe fatigue. We were also told that she is a perfect candidate for the procedure. The only thing that is keeping her from getting this procedure, and fast, is the cost. Although we have insurance, it will not pay for this procedure for MS patients. With all the other financial responsibility that we currently have, leads to why I ask for your support to help improve Lisa's basic functions and quality of life. We believe this procedure will significantly help her and we are trying to do it relatively fast considering what she goes through on a daily basis. Would you please consider helping her and our family with a donation? Thanks for your support! God bless you guys and thank you in advance.


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