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This fund was started to raise money for my dogs surgery. The funds will be used for my dogs surgery,so i can to move back home with family

I am a 24 year old veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I was recently honorably discharged after the completion of my tour of duty. I got out on Sep 30 2010. My life was pretty normal until then, or so im told.

On Oct. 24, 2010 my little sister, 15 years old, was killed in an accident. Ever since then my family has been a wreck. Since then my family and I both receive help as far as counseling, which helps but doesnt fix everything. I got a job as a Personal Trainer when I got out of the Marines so I had intended on staying in California to pursue a career in that. While I was back home for my sisters funeral I was "let go" due to the fact that I left the state to go home and didnt fill out all the necessary paperwork. So I am now down to training minimal clients. I have been diagnosed with severe military related anxiety which makes concentrating on training even harder for me.
I currently live in California, but am trying to save money to move back home to Georgia to be with my family.

The reason for this fund is to ask anyone who is willing to spare any money that i can put towards the surgery of my dog. I know this may sound petty to some but this dog means more than anything to me.

My sister and I were very close....So close that when she passed away I was completely shocked, confused, sad, upset and every other negative emotion you can think of. I guess you can say I was a wreck. My girlfriend at the time suggested that I get a dog, or some type of pet as a companion. I decided on a dog, being mans best friend and all, so thats what i did. This dog is my best friend, but more than that hes a part of my family and has a huge place in my heart. He jus fractured his back left leg, and is gonna require surgery. I dont now what to do.

I have to raise almost $2000 in the next month in moving expenses alone as I plan to move on Dec 20. to spend christmas at home, as I havent done that in 4 years, and now im facing an extra $1500 surgery. This is a huge bump in the road for me and will accept anything you can give. I was doing ok with saving the up money in the months time that I have but that was with me having garage sales, doing training specials and everything else. Now that im faced with this surgery Im not only desperate, I dont know what else to do. I consider myself a strong person and dont ask for help unless I think I truely NEED it. and right now I think I NEED help, from anyone thats willing. It doesnt even have to be monetarily, it can be resources that will help as well. Thank you for reading.
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