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This fund is to help Sarah Fischer's family pay for gas, food, and daily living expenses while she recovers from a stroke in the hospital.

Sarah suffered a stroke on January 19th, 2012. She is currently in the hospital in Grand Island, NE. Her husband Tom posts daily updates on her condition. She has had brain surgery and a clot removed. There is a long road ahead. She does have health insurance but we all know that it's never enough. In addition to their three children, Sarah and Tom also have two foster children. Many friends and family are doing what they can to help and it is greatly appreciated. However Tom still has to drive back and forth between Hastings and Grand Island, eat on the road, take time off from work (with little vacation pay), and still be a dad. Sarah recently left her job at Mary Lanning so the family is living on one income. Please help offset/assist with medical/daily living expenses to alleviate the financial burden. This will help Sarah focus on fighting the fight of her life (AGAIN)!

Sarah is tough. She has lived with diabetes. She has beaten a heart attack. She has struggled with her eyes and vision. All while caring for her own family plus two. You probably know Sarah's wonderful mother Diane Berens. At the same time Sarah is in the hospital in G.I. her mother is in the hospital with a broken hip and a broken femur.

Do you know anyone funnier, sweeter, or louder than Sarah? She can be the biggest pain the butt and the most giving person in the world at the same time. She needs our help. If you can't afford to donate, Sarah would understand and please don't feel bad. Sarah has 406 friends on Facebook. If each person gave just $5, we could raise over $2000. Neither Tom or Sarah would ever ask so let's just do this for them.

This site is secure and safe, however if you would prefer to send a check directly to the family, please email me at and I will give you their address.

Finally, one last thing you can do, post this link everywhere! Plaster it on your walls! Make it your status every day! Get the word out. The link is

Thank you sincerely

How soon does the family receive the money?
Answer: The fundraising ends March 1st, 2012. They will receive a check 10 days later.

Does this website ( charge a fee?
Answer: Yes, they take 7% of the donation. I felt like the fee is justified because this website is amazingly easy, detailed, helpful, and the fastest, most efficient way to make this happen. I may be able to avoid the fee if I can provide them with Sarah's paypal account, however I want to make sure that the family can access the money if Sarah isn't able to.
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