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This fundraiser is for The Shults Family, who is battling stage 4 Melanoma.

Most of you know what has been going on with the Shults family. For those who do not, here is an update on what has transpired in the last several months.The Shults family consists of my Mom, Step-Dad, Brother (13 yrs) and Sister (9 yrs). In March, my Step-Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. Originally they found the cancer on his adrenal gland, lymph nodes and lung. He immediately started chemotherapy and was placed on close observation. A couple of weeks ago he started experiencing severe headaches. After a scan of his brain, they found two tumors and a great deal of swelling. He started radiation and is on medication for the swelling and to prevent seizures. Obviously, this has taken a toll on the family.

My Mom is faced with being his only caregiver, while caring for the children, the house and all the monumental bills that are piling up. Between doctor appointments and tending to the family, Mom has not worked in several months. As my Step-Dad's illness progresses, the chances of Mom going back to work anytime soon are very slim. The emotional toll for the entire family is unfathomable. There is no way to fully understand, unless you have experienced it . . . what it's like to live with cancer and be faced with the uncertainty of your future. I cannot imagine what my Step-Dad is going through inside. My Mom has been so stressed it has actually made her sick. She spent a week in the hospital a few weeks ago and is still recovering. My Brother and Sister are so young, one in elementary and the other in middle school. They both are scared of what the future may hold for their Daddy, their Momma, and for them.

While my Step-Dad has qualified for Social Security Disability, the payments will not begin until the end of October - and even then the $ amount is nominal - hardly enough to support one person, much less four. There is no money for school supplies, school clothes, birthdays or even Christmas . . . there simply is NO income. With a disease of this magnitude, the expenses will continue to devastate the family. My goal for this fundraiser is to offer them help with the everyday expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, gasoline and vehicle repairs (their car has over 200,000 miles on it and really needs to be replaced). We have a wish list set up for specific items that they need. I am also looking to organize a couple of fun things for them to do, making good memories for my Mom and the kids to treasure. My Step-Dad has never been to SeaWorld and would love to go before he gets too weak. I am not looking for large donations and if you can not donate, your thoughts and prayers are more than enough. Please feel free to pass this along to your family and friends. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the love and support we have already received from most of you. It has been a source of strength for the family and is appreciated more than you will ever know

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