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Family and friends of Little Addison Li are uniting to raise funds to help pay for medical bills related to her heart troubles. Thank you

To her parents great joy little Addison Marie Li was born December 14, 2010 weighing in at 8lbs 8oz, but two days after her birth their joy was overshadowed by potentially bad news. The pediatrician came into her mother’s hospital room to give her parents the news that Addison’s heart sounded abnormal to him. He advised he was going to have his partner listen to her heart the next day and if they thought it necessary they would schedule an echocardiogram. Well day three came and Addison was taken immediately to Children’s Hospital for the echocardiogram. Upon completion of the echo her cardiologist came in to deliver the devastating news. He began to go into the numerous things that were wrong with Addison’s tiny 3 day old heart. He explained she is suffering from Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome better known as HLHS. To put that simply, her left ventricle is smaller than her right. She also has an under developed aortic arch, a bicuspid aortic valve stenosis, a large Ventricle Septal Defect (VSD), and an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). A lot of medical terms, but plainly Addison’s heart was in bad shape and she was about to begin the battle for her life. Addison was taken to the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit immediately following the echo. On Addison’s sixth day she underwent the first in a series of three lifesaving surgeries. This first surgery was to help keep the blood flowing through her body until she grew enough to be able to endure the surgeries that would begin to repair her heart. On Christmas Eve little Addison was finally able to be taken home for the first time, but it would bittersweet for her family. Just 6 months later she would be back in the hospital for her second open heart surgery. Her parents described this surgery as the longest 9 hours of their lives, but in true survivor form she came through it without complication and happy as ever. Addison is now in stage 2 of the process awaiting her third open heart surgery. It is the hope that this third surgery will be the final one and will allow her to lead a long life. Despite all Addison has been through already in her short 19 month life she is a happy, smiley baby and it’s clear she is a fighter. Addison gets that fighter spirit from her family who are giving her all they have emotionally and physically to get her through this. As you can imagine there is a large financial burden associated with a major organ defect of this nature. Addison has had multiple hospital stays and two out the hopefully only three surgeries she needs. The third surgery is estimated to cost around $750,000, but there is much more involved than just the hospital stays and surgeries. Addison needs medications, home health nurse visits, physical therapy, regular Cardiologist visits, occupational therapy etc. Addison’s parents have medical insurance, but it doesn’t begin to cover everything. They have been saddled with an overwhelming medical debt related to saving and prolonging Addison’s life. Addison of course is too young and her family would never ask for help they need, so we are humbly asking for them. Please help ease the weight of these costs, so they can continue to focus on Addison’s health and enjoying every precious minute they have together. No gesture is too small, so please open your hearts for Addison Marie Li. Thank you so much for your support.

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