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Please help suport Melissa, a single mom of four children on unpaid medical leave, while she recovers from cervical cancer!

This fund is meant to help Melissa and her family with daily survival costs and other expenses that have occurred since her diagnosis, so that she will be able to focus on recovering rather than the financial burden it has caused.

Melissa Murray is a 34 year old, single mother of four children. For the past six years she has been working full time with special needs children, which she loves dearly, as well as at a part time job, also with children. She enjoys dancing, photography, watching football and, most important, spending time with her four kids. Melissa also enjoys helping out with food and toy drives, bringing gifts to needy families at Christmas time, organizing teams to do the MS walk, and involvement in the Pay it Forward Foundation. She is one who sincerely adores doing for others, often at great sacrifice.

Since her divorce, Melissa has been doing everything possible to support her children and herself on her own. But, on June 2nd she received the phone call no one ever wants to get. She had gotten frightening results from her yearly gynecological check up, returned to have further testing done, and was nervously awaiting the results. It was a similar scenario a few years ago, but this time something told her it was different. The doctor hadn’t taken just one piece for the biopsy; this time he took five. That just couldn’t be a good sign. So, when Melissa answered the phone it wasn’t the nurse that she had expected to call, it was the doctor himself. Instantly her heart sank as he said the words that she did not want to hear. It was indeed cervical cancer. Not only was it cancer, but the doctor insisted that she go into the hospital and have another more in-depth biopsy the following week, and the urgency in his manner was very disconcerting. Right away Melissa began to panic. Not just about having cervical cancer ( and who wouldn’t panic over hearing the word cancer from their doctor), but because she knew this was the beginning of something that would surely send her spiraling out of control financially, when finances were already very difficult. Her first thoughts were: how would she send her daughter off to college with everything she would need in just a couple of months? Who would take care of her children while she had surgery and was recovering? How could she possibly provide for her children, since she would be unable to work for at least a couple of months after having her hysterectomy, the necessary surgery to treat her cancer?

Unfortunately, Melissa learned quickly that her worrying was for very good reason. She did not have disability insurance through her employer to cover her losses, so she applied for every type of assistance she could think of: welfare, food stamps, SSI, even several private organizations and cancer foundations for help. All of these denied her. Often Melissa was told she did not qualify, they did not currently have funding, or that they would not help because cervical cancer was not one of the forms of cancer that they help with (some organizations do not feel cervical cancer is a serious condition). Meanwhile, the doctor stressed the fact that she needed to heal from the first procedure in order to have the hysterectomy as soon as possible. Healing was going extremely slow since she was still trying to work both jobs and provide for her four children, all while she was in severe pain. Due to her poor level of well-being Melissa was forced to go on unpaid medical leave much earlier than expected. Throughout the next couple of months she continued to search for assistance in between surgeries and trying to recover, but has not found much to help with the daily survival costs and other expenses that have occurred since her diagnosis. To add insult to injury, on August 28th, Massachusetts was hit with a hurricane that knocked out the power for several days, spoiling everything in Melissa’s refrigerator. While grateful that things were not worse, she cannot afford to replace any of the food.

All of this is why we are asking for your help. Melissa is a good mother, daughter, sister and friend who always tries to do what is right and to help when she can, however she can. She works very hard to provide for her family, but desperately needs to focus on recovering right now, which is still going very slowly. Many friends have come forward to help, including making meals, and bringing the children school supplies. Thank you to all of you!! But financially she is still in an extremely dire situation.

We are asking that you please continue to pray for Melissa and her children, donate if you are able, and pass this on to everyone you know. Even one person can make a difference! The quicker we can get the word out, we are hoping, the quicker we can relieve some of Melissa’s stress and consequently enable her healing.

For those of you who would rather send your donations directly to Melissa, you may do so by sending it to P.O. Box 1706, Attleboro, MA 02703. We offer our sincere, heartfelt gratitude in advance for your time, caring and prayers. God bless you all, and..........

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