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The family of Tammara and Shawn Rooker are uniting to raise money to help Annabelle with heart surgery. Please show your support!

It was just a normal day, like any other day, I had been feeling weird the last week, having a lot of breast tenderness but I didn't think anything of it, except my period must be on its way, until my friend suggested I take a pregnancy test, I wasn't sure considering my boyfriend has been told he was sterile since he was 18 and now he is 25. But to my friends wishes I stayed at her house and took a pregnancy test and to my surprise it was positive, but denying it as I was I took the second one to be sure and sure enough it was positive again. I took a deep breath and texted my boyfriend, he was overjoyed having always wanted to be a father..Then when I was 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant I was sent to the ER for an emergency ultrasound. After the ultrasound was complete we waited for the doctor to come out and discuss what he saw. He tells us that our daughters heart was growing outside of her chest cavity, this condition is called Ectopia Cordis, it is a very rare heart malformation that happens to about 5 to 8 out of 1 million live births. He told us that I was now a high risk pregnancy and I was at high risk for miscarrying, my boyfriend and I were devistated, we didn't know what to do or think, especially after they mentioned abortion. But I couldn't go throught with it, I couldn't give up on this little miracle baby that was growing inside of me. So we decided to wait until we saw a specialist weeks went by and still had no appointment to see one..I ended up withdrawing from college to relieve a large amount of stress to try and keep our baby healthy, a couple weeks later we decide to move back to Iowa. We got back to Iowa about a month ago, I went to my first ultrasound here July 24th, they tell us the same thing and that I should have an abortion, I am 27 weeks pregnant at the time. And yet after the bad news the thought of aborting our precious baby girl after she has faught this far and we have bonded as much as we have seems wrong in my mind, they told us that any other option our insurance would be a problem, so here we are with less than 13 weeks left until my due date and we need to raise money for medical expenses, hospital travel, and any other expenses that come up during this time, we need a miracle and I hope you can help us help our baby fight and thrive and be strong! So if you could donate as much  as you can as you can to our cause we would be more than greatful, every little bit counts. God Bless and thank you for your generosity.
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