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Oscar is an adorable 3 year old cream coloured toy poodle, with the softest of curly coats, and the most joyful of characters!

I bought him as a 10 week old puppy as a 65th birthday present for my mum, who had just lost her 14 year old toy grey, Bootsie, who was adopted at the age of 2. mum has terrible allergies, so can only have a poodle for a pet due to them having a wool coat and not a fur one.
I myself am totally blind and work as a freelance church organist. Mum escorted me to Eastbourne yesterday to play for a wedding, and when we returned, we faced a situation of total devastation; her cheeky happy little Oscar, whilst being walked by my dad, was savaged by a big dog, who appeared to have no owner with it. We rushed Oscar to our local vet last night, his beautiful coat stained with blood, only to be told that he has a punctured eye and a broken tail. There is a possibility of saving his sight with a lense, but if not, his eye lids will need to be stitched, and his lovely fluffy tail needs to be amputated.
Both my parents are retired, and I have a limited income with many expenses of my own; we would be so dearly dearly grateful for any contributions to our little Oscar's life changing surgery! We all love him so very much, and he loves us so very much in return, so we are desparate to give him the treatment he needs, so we can help him get the best quality of life, which this lovely young dog and adored family pet deserves!
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