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Scout's family is uniting to raise money to help save Scout. Please consider a small donation to show your support!

Scout also known as "Scout the Snout" due to his long handsome nose is a 12yro male GSD rescue. I took him in as a foster in May 2011. He is the third dog I have taken into my home via the Northwest German Sheperd Rescue in Bothell, WA. I quickly fell in love with Scout due to his gentle nature, patience with my children (and their friends!) and his kind yet protective demeanor. He is always by my side!

On January 12, 2012 I had to rush Scout to the Animal Emergency Care Vet on 56th and Durango St in Tacoma, WA. He was diagnosed with bloat which is considered the "mother of all emergencies" for animals. He required immedicate surgery. During surgery for bloat an internal bleed was discovered on his spleen and his spleen had to be removed. They also found suspicious tissue on the spleen as well as his liver. They are 75% sure that it is cancer based on its appearance, location, size and texture.

The surgeon took samples of his liver and spleen and asked me if I wanted them to be sent to the lab for biopsy. I declined thinking that Scout's future was set before him and that as a pet owner I needed to consider his best interests. Was it in his or my best interest to get the diagnosis of cancer? Was I being selfish in my attempts to save his sweet life? I resigned myself to the probable cancer diagnosis with the 75% likelihood of it in fact being splenatic cancer as well as liver cancer.

On 1/17/12 I decided after much consultation with my regular vet, the ER vet and other dog owners that I did want to pursue the lab testing. I couldnt bear going to the facility myself to pick up his tissues so my regular vet office offered to go get them for me. I called the ER vet and told them that a representative from my vet would be coming by within 24 hours to pick up Scout's tissues. They said that was fine. Then I received a call from ER vet office stating that unfortunately they had thrown out Scout's tissue the night before. I was devastated. I requested that they search through their garbage for his tissue praying that against all odds they would find it in the bottom of one of their trash cans. They informed me that they send all of their tissues, parts, etc to a lab that incinerates the material. I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself...this is a sign that the tissue shouldn't be biopsied and I need to let Scout have peace and be comfortable during his last days knowing that he could pass fairly soon from the cancer.

The next morning 1/18/12 I received a message from the ER vet office stating that one of the vets had put Scout's tissue in their locker for safe keeping! Wow! Now this is the sign and really a miracle because of all that we had gone through the last few days.

It was today that I decided to move forward with Scout's diagnosis and care he may need whether it be palliative/hospice care or cancer treatment. Depending on the stage of the cancer I will need to make a responsible and informed decision for my Scout. As you may imagine the costs for Scout's treatment and care have been tremendous. If you are an animal lover you will understand my plight and support the cause to help Scout. I am his owner and ultimately responsible for the costs of his care. I take that responsibility very seriously and have paid extensively for his care. The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses incurred as we continue to fight for Scout's life. Please keep Scout in your prayers at this time!
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