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The family and friends of Bob and Jenni Irby are trying to raise money to help with infertility treatments.

My daughter Jenni was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome which is a rare disorder that occurs in females and mainly affects the reproductive system. Simply put, Jenni was born without her uterus. MRKH is an extremely rare birth defect affecting approximately 1 in 5000 newborn babies; the cause of MRKH syndrome is unknown. Researchers have not identified any genes associated with the MRKH syndrome.

Jenni was 16 when she finally found out of this rare birth defect. She always loved children and wanted to be a teacher so that she could interact with children, but the knowledge of her condition traumatized her so much that she tried to avoid children to avoid her pain. She required extensive counseling and support from her family and friends to deal with “how she is different than most girls”. Luckily Jenni has ovaries and can have children but is not able to carry her child without a uterus. Jenni has made tremendous growth in accepting God’s will but still sadness remains in her heart that she is not able to have a family with her husband who loves her so dearly and also loves children and always hoped to be a wonderful dad.

Jenni and Bob married in 2010. It was love that is destined to be. Bob married Jenni knowing Jenni is unable to give him children, knowing how much he would like to be a father, pure love and having faith that some day, some how their love will prevail. Jenni and Bob were friends, as we knew it in 7th grade. They say they loved each other then. In high school they didn’t date but destiny brought them together in 2008 when the met by chance again. Jenni didn’t think anyone would ever want to marry her because of her rare condition. Bob’s love was strong; he gave her hope, restored her faith in love and asked her to marry him.

Right after Jenni and Bob's wedding they were contacted by children services to see if they would be willing to adopt a one month old boy. They were overjoyed at the idea of starting their family through adoption, however at the last minute children services told them that they would not be able to adopt because they were not as closely related to the baby as originally thought. After this Jenni and Bob spent weeks hart broken.

When Bob and Jenni were ready again to look into starting a family they discussed adoption but decided against it because of the horrible pain and loss that they had already experienced. The only other option open to them is to use a gestational carrier. After a series of test, they will use Jenni's egg and Bob's sperm to create a embryo which will be placed in Bob's sisters uterus using a IVF procedure. They started the process once before but were not able to complete it because of the cost.

Using a family member to carry the baby cuts the cost of this procedure dramatically, however they still need 20,000.00 to continue with the process. And because insurance will not cover any of the cost associated with infertility they are now relying on help, support and prayers from anyone who might be willing to help.

Thank you and God Bless.

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