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The family and friends of Lukas Shinn of Elkview WV are uniting to raise money to assist his lifelong battle against Klinefelter's Syndrome.

With your help, Lukas will be able to travel to Denver Colorado and be fully evaluated by a medical team who possess the most significant experience with Klinefelter's Syndrome, the chromosomal abnormality which Lukas was born with and caused him significant developmental delays in all major milestone areas.

As his parents, we see Lukas as a blessing because we recognize him as person and not as a disabled person. The chromosomal abnormality, Klinefelter's, has unfortunately caused additional weaknesses for Lukas to contend with, including Developmental Coordination Disorder (also known as dyspraxia), Disorder of Childhood, NOS, Auditory Processing Disorder (a disconnect between what is said and heard by his physical ear and the message sent to his brain) and well as Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and muscle atrophy including both fine and gross motor muscles and coordination. Additional and more severe issues related to Klinefelter's will occur at the onset of puberty.

Once Lukas has been seen by the specialists in Denver, his family will receive a comprehensive report detailing specific recommendations for Lukas based on his condition and assessment in order to support his development, academic, and emotional needs, as well as necessary medical management.

Luke's parents have continuously struggled with the public school system to obtain services their son currently needs and will continue to need through the rest of his academic career and possibly the rest of his life. Hopefully, the Shinn's will be able to use the valuable information from Denver as a weapon to win the battle for Luke's rights within the school system, medical system and life in general.

Lukas is a firecracker! He can light up a room with his laugh and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. He truly is a comedian and doesn't even realize it. Through his almost 6 years of life, he has been one tough cookie. He has the heart of a saint and his feelings can be easily hurt. Lukas can put up a good fight (literally if you watch him and his brother) but this is why we need your help to ensure he wins this battle.

Now- why Lukas needs your help:

Lukas is lucky enough to have two devoted married parents and a protective brother. We, Luke's family, would do anything for him, especially me, his mother, who has fought continuous battles with the public school system and the government to seek services for Lukas. Unfortunately, I lost my job in August 2010 and have yet to find a new job. As a family of four, we have now been forced to live off of one income and make many life changes.

It is very difficult to pay for daily living expenses for a family of four as well as having additional costs associated to meeting the needs of Lukas for travelling to his therapy appointments. We do not qualify for any type of government assistance though.

We are estimating the costs associated with this medical trip to be approximately $5000. It is very difficult, for me, as his mother, to have to ask another person for any type of assistance, especially money, but I have no other choice. As a parent, I will do anything for boys even if it means putting my pride aside for once.

This website is only one of several ways in which I am trying to gain the funds for Lukas. I am also having a fundraiser yardsale and a car wash and possibly some sort of bakesale. Some of my friends have mentioned such things as charity walk/run or some type of charity event with inflatable and cornhole and horseshoes.

Thanks to those who have helped with your contributions so far. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH. Any donations we receive will allow us a to take a "deep breath" and re-energize us to keep fighting for our son.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Lisa Shinn (Luke's mom) at 304-965-0266 or email Lisa at

THANK YOU - Alva, Lisa, Jakob & Lukas Shinn
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