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Pay off the house, sell it. profits to Haiti

So my initial idea was to auction off my house.  I'm completely upside-down in the mortgage and it would take a couple of decades to get it back to what I bought it for.  I thought well, I'll never be able to sell it for what I bought it for but maybe I could raffle it off.  I checked it out and the only way you can auction your house is if you've paid it off already and can donate it to an organization.  Crazy right?  So here's my other plan; ask for donations try to make enough to pay the place off, sell it for what I can get, then donate the proceeds to Haiti.  

To give you an idea, I owe $120K and the last condo that sold in the complex sold for $35K.  Yes, that's kinda how I feel.  I'm in a lot of trouble here.  I applied for a modification.  I thought if I could at least lower my payments I could rent the place out if nothing else.  Good news, I got the modification, but they only took $100 off the monthly payment and that's not going to do it. I'm really desperate to get out of here.  It's overrun with folks that aren't really great neighbors.  Hence the reason the last place sold for $35K.  I talked to the association and was told "I don't understand low-income housing".

I'm pretty desperate to take this step.  I just don't know what to do. I talked to someone who would rent the place for me but he told me I couldn't get more than $700 a month.  It costs $1200 per month mortgage + assessment.  I don't know what to do folks.  If you've got ideas bring them PLEASE.  I try not to feel sorry for myself but it's getting pretty difficult. Everyone is telling me to walk away and mail the bank my keys.  This was my first home.  I moved heaven and earth to get it.  What a fool!

I don't know what's going to happen with the job and I'm expecting to get hit with a big bill for a surgery I just had.  Before I lose the place I'd like a shot and paying it off.  It would be really nice if something good came out of the experience.  If I could pay it off, even if I sold it for $35K like the other sold for, I thought well that's some good money and maybe I could give some of the proceeds of the sale to Haitian relief and then it wouldn't all be for naught, ya know?  

So that's my sob story.  Like I said, I'm pretty desperate to take this step. Whatever you can offer in the way of help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your time.


I just had a thought, maybe I can't raffle off the house, but I do have some things.  If you're into Disney, I have some collector snow globes worth about $75 each I'm happy to raffle.

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