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The High Skies Project helps to raise, train and support Sky as a service dog.

This is the High Skies Project!

All donations help to raise, train and support Sky as a service dog.


The average cost to raise and train a service dog is $20,000 dollars.

Our Goal is to raise a minimum of $12,000 dollars by Dec 31st 2012.


Your donation covers:

*Training courses *Handling & classes

*Tests/certificates *Vet/health care

*Equipment *Transportation *Treats/food


All of your generous donations will help Sky grow and develop into a wonderful service dog!


Why do I need a service dog? -some might ask. Well..
When I went to college in los Angeles my health began to deteriorate, a combination of my heart condition, Neurocardiogenic syncope, and my immune system.  My heart condition causes fatigue, dizziness and a loss of consciousness sporadically. My immune system struggles just to function 'normally' and when it is low, I need help to physically get out of bed and perform basic, everyday tasks.
After I graduated, I found myself back at home trying to re-build my health from the bottom up and after about 4 years, my doctor and I decided it would be a wonderful and great benefit to have a service dog to help me. Training him to pick up on when I will have an episode or when my immune system is struggling and I need help getting basic things like water, meds, food and needing help with my balance. I searched for about six months and temperament tested many, many puppies to try and find the right dog, and then in the last group, on the last day, I found Sky. He is an australian shepherd (standard) and an amazing little guy.
Since he was ten weeks old he has been in puppy classes, obedience, and therapy classes to just name a few. This, with also all of the public socialization that we do in stores, busy roads, parks, museums, movie theaters etc he is becoming a wonderful gentlemen, growing and learning every day. We just moved two months ago to chico to take more training classes to help keep Sky on the right track (through positive reinforcement trainers only) and now find ourselves heading in January to join the Service Dog Academy for service dog intensives, classes and task training since there is currently no program like it in California. 

With the amount of work and money involved in raising and training Sky, I decided to start this fundraiser, The High Skies Project, because the cost is so immense, just one intensive service dog course for 4 days is $800 dollars, and we will be there training for at least six months so it is very, very expensive. 


The type of service dog that Sky is training as is an alert/cue service dog. He will be trained to cue and alert me when I'm going to pass out as a result from my heart condition or become hypoglycemic. He will also be trained for bracing which is where he will stiffen his body for when I need help with balancing or moving to the ground before I pass out. When my immune system is very low, he will be my main go to guy for helping me with the most simplistic of tasks.


Other tasks include:

-opening the fridge (which he is learning), get water or food and bring back

-be a main source of balance when needed

-retrieving the cell phone in a emergency

-keep stimulating contact when I'm passed out

-go get help if in public when there is an emergency

-retrieve and carry items back to me (like keys, meds etc)

-be able to reconize different scents for a change in body chemestry

-and finally, give support (and lots of kisses) on the 'bad health days' something Sky is already great at :)


We wanted you to know how thankful we are so,

with the donation that you make, you will be sent a video of Sky giving you "thanks" 


To all of you, thank you for your time, support and love,

~Erica Marie and Sky

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