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I appreciate any donation, even just taking the time to read this. Thank you very much.

In August 2009, Betsy, a 6 month old Miniature Schnauzer was hit by a car, when the car drove off as if nothing had happened. Betsy is an important peice to our family puzzle. Please help us be able to provide for Betsy and help keep her happy and pain free.

Betsy was rushed to the Vet, and after x-rays and many tests the results were in. The Vet said she was run over completely on her hind end. It shattered her rear left socket, broke her pelvis, and broke her right hip. A heartbreaking diagnosis.

Our options for Betsy were to either have a $3,000 surgery in which we could no way afford, or to put her on pain meds and see how she heals on her own, or of course the worst alternative - put her down. Our Vet strongly urged us to allow her to heal up on her own because he said it's amazing how dogs can heal without surgery.
So we decided to see how our little dog could do without surgery. The first few days were hell on all of us, including Betsy. I debated wether or not I was doing the right thing, or if I was causing more harm than good by keeping Betsy alive.
Was I being selfish?
Would she rather be in a better, pain free place?
Can we really go through this?
A couple weeks pass, and Betsy was doing better than ever!! She started to bear more weight each day on her left leg, and a couple months later, she was running around like the Betsy we have always known.

Betsy recently went in to the Vet for a check up and follow up xrays and we found out what we always knew was coming. She needs surgery. A less complicated surgery than replacing the socket. Now, the socket has tried to "fix itself" but has done so incorrectly and she is rubbing bone on bone which is extremely painful. She needs her bone shaved down enough so that it isn't rubbing so harshly and she also has developed extremely bad arthritis in which we will be treating her for for the rest of her life.
She seems to do okay in the summer, but in Montana, with our harsh winters, it really seems to get to her. Currently she is on arthritis, pain and glucosamine medication while we are awaiting the funds in order to go ahead with her surgery.

I love this little girl as much as I do my own children. She is like my first born. She means so much to me, she brings me an unmeasurable amount of happiness, and I want to be able to fulfill the best life possible for her. Now, desperate, I am reaching out for donations to help not only my wonderful little schnauzer, but my family as well. We all love Betsy, my two young sons adore her and she adores them. Anything helps, and I deeply appreciate it.
Thank you so much for taknig the time to read this.
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